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Oh Poo!

January 8, 2007

Did you ever have one of those days that makes you wonder why you got out of bed in the first place?

Well, it started yesterday when my new pup, Joe, developed an upset tummy and made very watery messes. Fortunately Joe is a wise pup, and knows that hardwood floors clean much more easily than large area rugs, and that goo on Mom or the kids is a baaad idea. So, I put him in his crate and went to bed. Joe doesn’t like to be alone so he barks for awhile until he realizes that nobody is going to come to his rescue and he ought to just sleep. Of course, this is the same bark he uses to alert us that he needs to go out, soooo…. After falling soundly asleep, I hear my name being bellowed from somewhere far away. Okay, so it seemed far away because I was sound asleep and had only been that way for about 45 minutes! Once the fog cleared, I realized it was my husband alerting me to the fact that MY dog had made a mess. I did the poop cleaning sprint and was back in bed in mere minutes and fast asleep in seconds…after Joe quit barking again…

I awoke this morning to a new day and more poo! Lots of it! So cleaning hardwood floors is easier, but that doesn’t mean I want to do it every 2 hours! Oh, did I mention that one of my darling children also wasn’t feeling well and must have put half a roll of TP down the toilet? So when I wasn’t cleaning poo off the floor downstairs, I was sloshing it onto the floor upstairs. Whoever designed the bowl of our toilet needs to have their head examined! It has this indentation that runs the length of the back of the bowl, from the top, under the rim, to the bottom, at the hole. This is great for something I am sure, but NOT for plunging. First of all, it does not allow for a tight seal against the bowl, so the plunging is only about 1/4 as effective as it should be. Then, said indentation creates a lovely, GRR, “fountain” as you begin plunging. Believe me, you don’t want a poo fountain in your clogged toilet. So, once I got the stupid thing opened up, after plunging 4 or 5 times every couple hours over a period of about 18 hours, I had to crawl around on the bathroom floor cleaning even more poo!

I imagine you have the picture at this point…I would clean poo downstairs, sit a minute, then run upstairs to plunge. It seemed that every time I left the room, Joe would make a mess and one of the kids, or my hubby, would yell for me to come clean it up. Then, back to plunging. Enough! The toilet is unplugged, the dog is somewhat better, and I am going to bed! Hopefully tomorrow will be less poopy!