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Baby Face

June 16, 2008

So far the weather in Florida isn’t that much hotter than the weather in upstate NY last week! The kids went swimming yesterday afternoon, and I took tons of pictures of their pool adventure. Hannah was absolutely adorable, so the majority of the pictures are of her…

Hannah took a nice nap before she went swimming. Doesn’t it look like she is napping?

The weather was perfect for the pool. Sarah, Erin, Eli, Alan, and Hannah all went swimming.

Eli had to fix her hair when Erin accidentally pulled out her pig-tail holder.

Erin likes the pool noodles; they seem to give her added confidence.

Hannah loves to play with a ball. She signs “ball” all the time.

Apparently a hair got stuck on Hannah’s finger, which seems to have bothered her. What a face!

Erin is just learning how to swim, but she loves to play in the water and doesn’t seem to have a fear of the water.

This is probably my favorite picture of the day.

That is one BIG noodle!

The kids had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!



June 15, 2008

Check out the pretty flowers…


Too Hot to Move!

June 10, 2008

Yesterday was a blistering 95 degrees. My comfort zone is between 45 and 75, with 75 being barely tolerable! We needed to go get Jeff some new clothes for his new job, so a trip to Waterloo Premium Outlets was the order of the day. We planned to drop the kids at my in-laws around 11:30, so I had some time in the morning to accomplish a few important tasks.

The first task involved taking pictures of my wild rose which has finally bloomed for the first time since we bought the house 6 years ago. Living in an urban area, I am so pleased to have a wild rose growing in my back yard. It’s the “wild spot” in my lawn. Each summer I am careful to not mow it under as I cut the lawn. A few years ago, my mom brought up her chainsaw and I cut down a tree right on the fence. We left the stump high, but it still tries to grow shoots every summer. In order to get a nice picture of the rose bush, I had to trim back the shoots and weed around the stump. Here is the end result…

Next I turned my attention to my “not wild” wild rose bushes. They are not wild in that they were intentionally planted, not by me, along the side of the house. They are wild in that I had no trellis or anything to control them. I cut them back to the ground each fall and each summer they attack anyone who tries to walk on the sidewalk to the side door of the house. I decided today, that I would take an unused trellis, bought for something that the bunnies stole, and use it to “control” my rose bushes. I will take some pictures of the roses with the trellis later, but here is what the roses look like up close.

Finally, the heat outside was unbearable (I was out for maybe 5 minutes) so I went inside and guess who was dancing around, waiting for me?

Poor Joe hates the heat! He lays around looking sad and pathetic in the middle of the day. When the sun goes down and I open the windows and put fans in, he revives and gets all excited like his usual self. This morning there was a great breeze as a storm front moved through. Joe went outside with us as the kids and I hauled some old logs and limbs to the front for the garbage men to take away. He found nice shady spots in the breeze and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. He was rather happy to see the neighbor’s dog, Rocky, who looks like Joe but with long legs (dachshund / beagle mix). We all came inside as the rain began. Joe abhors the rain!


Irish Dancers

June 8, 2008

I posted some pictures, earlier today, from the rehearsal yesterday. These are from today, as the girls were getting ready for the recital to begin.

Congratulations girls! These girls worked all year and their talent and dedication was evident in their dance routines. They did a great job on their soft-shoe routine, and an absolutely superb job on their hard-shoe number. Great Job Ladies!!!



June 8, 2008

Sarah has a dance recital today, so I decided to take a few pictures. Normally, I try to take pictures at the recital, but the lighting is too low and the stage too far away to get good shots. I thought I’d be smart and take them at the rehearsal, but I still should have gotten closer. There are a few shots of the girls getting ready and a couple of them dancing. I tried to adjust some of them to look less grainy, but I am not thrilled with the results. I think I need to invest in an add-on flash if I plan to take a lot of low-light photos. Click on any photo to enlarge it.


Cobbs Hill Park

June 1, 2008

Jeff and I took the kids, including Joe, to Cobbs Hill Park for a walk around the reservoir. We had gone yesterday, but the rain prevented me from venturing out with my camera. I was rather excited when I awoke today and there was no rain. So off we went to take pictures walk. I think this set of photos speaks for itself, so I will leave you with just the pictures, no commentary. You can click on any of them to make them larger.



June 1, 2008

We went to the book store the other night and as we pulled into the parking lot, I spotted this odd tree in the back of a truck…

Sarah and I went to get our hair cut the other day and Erin was quite upset about not getting hers cut. She kept insisting that she wanted short hair and I just couldn’t let her do it. Well, after much bugging, on her part, I relented and cut it about shoulder-length. So here is Erin’s new haircut.

She was so excited when I had finished that she bounced up and down and said not to cut it any shorter. So in the end, we were both happy with it.