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Very Busy Weekend!

May 11, 2009

This Mother’s Day weekend was insanely busy. On Thursday evening, I enjoyed dinner with a few friends from a store where I used to work, along with one from where I currently work. We had a great time and laughed ourselves silly! Friday was busy with a doctor’s appointment in the morning (my finger is mostly better, although still nail less) followed by the fabulous Luau-themed party at Starbucks. As a result of my need to attend all of the fun while working in between, I was awake for more than 24 hours! Saturday morning was the annual Dachshund Parade. This is an event I looked forward to each year. Last year I had to miss it due to it being on the same day as Sarah’s dance recital. This year I was very excited because I could go and not have to worry about hurrying home to sleep since I have Saturday nights off… After losing an entire day’s sleep, I couldn’t have dragged myself to the parade this year. Unfortunately, the Lilac parade was at the same time, so I missed that as well! I was pretty bummed, but I REALLY needed the sleep.

I awakened with a start Saturday afternoon knowing that Sarah had a 2:40 eye exam and I had not set my alarm…dangerous when one has fallen asleep after losing an entire day of sleep. Fortunately it was only 1:00, so I had time to wake up, shower, and get her there. Little did I know we would be there for almost 5 1/2 hours! The doctor decided to dilate her pupils, which only worked in one eye the first try. Eventually, he got both to dilate. This brought us to an hour. Jeff, Kyle, and Erin had gone out on the mall in search of something to eat so Sarah and I found them and ate while the folks at Lenscrafters made her new lenses. In an effort to save some money, we opted to have new lenses put in her old frames which were still in nice shape. We went back around 5 to pick them up, only to have the frames snap while the lady was trying to adjust them. This was frustrating because she left to go into the back and only told us they had broken when she came back out. I hate to be mistrusting, but it seemed fishy to me. We were informed that we could choose a different frame at a 50% discount. I also found this frustrating since WE didn’t break the frames, they did. Since they had already cut the lenses for the original frames, and the new choice was a completely different frame, new lenses had to be cut. This would take another 1 1/2 hours! We ran home, let Joe out and relaxed for 30 seconds, then went back and got the glasses. Good thing they look really good on her…


While we were eating in the food court, we kept hearing birds. Two of them landed nearby and I took my camera out to photograph them, but they flew away. I waited awhile, hoping at least one would come back, then finally gave up and put the camera away again. About a minute later, one landed under the table behind me. Suddenly Erin became animated, but quiet…unusual for her… I got the hint, grabbed the camera from my bag as quickly as possible, and got this…


Not the greatest shot, but with only a moment to spare before it was off again, not too bad.

After the glasses fiasco, we had to stop at Wegmans on the way home to pick up something for dinner. When we finally got home, everyone was tired. We had made plans to have an early dinner with Jeff’s parents for Mother’s Day, but I intended to sleep in LATE Sunday morning.

I think I finally got up around 1 on Mother’s Day. It was wonderful to sleep in! Jeff took me to Starbucks for a chai, then we had dinner with his parents. I had really wanted to go to the Lilac Festival for Mother’s Day, so we went around 6 and looked at all the pretty flowers. It was cool and there were not mobs of people, so it was very enjoyable.



Both of the trees above were very beautiful and large as you can tell from Erin standing in front of one with four arms?

The sky was somewhat overcast but it was right before dusk so the colors were awesome.


This guy was giving carriage rides up and down Highland Ave.


Colgate Divinity School is across the street from the park. It is an old building with some great architecture.


Erin doing her Vanna White impersonation…I think Erin is much cuter!



Please correct me if I am wrong, I don’t know flowers well, but I think these are magnolias. Between the two trees there were tons of blossoms!


The pansy bed took quite a beating in the wind and rain late last week. They were looking a little sad, but I found a few pretty specimens.




Even the birds seem to enjoy the lilacs…


Sarah, looking very serious while discovering that her new glasses are the same color as one variety of lilacs.


This is a water feature in front of the cooperative extension building. I am a sucker for running water.


Just as we were getting ready to leave, Jeff pointed out these beautiful blossoms.


It was very chilly, but we really enjoyed the flowers without the crowds! This concludes my Mothers Day adventures. We went home and I chilled until passing out around 1 AM from exhaustion.


Saying Goodbye…

May 11, 2009

About a year ago, a new Starbucks store opened near my house. I was very excited as I love Starbucks and the people that worked there were a lot of fun and I got to know some of them pretty well. About a month or two ago, they sadly informed me that the store was not performing as well as had been anticiapted, so it would be closing. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Unfortunately, the store did indeed close this past Friday, but not before a great party and a fabulous fairwell to many loyal customers. I had the privelege of documenting the festivities in pictures. I will simply let the pictures speak for themselves.


















The party was a lot of fun and a bittersweet end to a great season.


My Very Silly Children

May 4, 2009

While I was grilling yesterday, my family was playing catch. Jeff won’t allow me to either take nor post (when I do sneak one) pictures of him, so I took a bunch of the kids. They were being very silly. Kyle and Erin played catch while Kyle was on the back of the garage…



Kyle finally came down from the garage and he and the tennis ball practiced making faces…


Then there are the many faces of Erin…



Yes! She is cradling the football like a baby…


Sarah threatened to throw a tennis ball at me when I started taking pictures and Jeff threatened to go inside if I took any of him. Sarah thought I was going to make him go in…I didn’t…


As Sarah and Erin were racing for a stray tennis ball, I happened to catch this picture. Look at Erin’s hair!


The kids had fun running around, Jeff had fun playing catch with them, but most of all, I had fun capturing it all.


Yummy Goodness

May 3, 2009

A couple nights ago Jeff got the idea that marinating bite-size chicken pieces in coconut milk, then grilling them as kabobs with onion, pineapple, and mushrooms would be really tasty. We picked up all the ingredients and Sarah cut up the chicken to marinate overnight in the coconut milk. This afternoon, Sarah and Erin skewered the goodies while Kyle and I fired up the grill.


Last summer we bought this small grill so the kids could learn how to grill. The intention this afternoon, was to have Sarah do the grilling while Jeff instructed and supervised. Kyle and I started the grill because Jeff was busy with an online gaming tournament. He was going to take over as soon as he was done. By the time Jeff came out, the charcoal was ready for cooking. Sarah had started some rice in the house to go with dinner, so she wasn’t going to be grilling…

Kyle and Erin decided to play dodge ball, then catch with tennis balls while the grill was heating up.  When Jeff came out he decided to join the fun, so guess who wound up grilling? Yup, yours truly! I do not grill well…most of the time. This time however, everything turned out perfectly. As the kabobs were grilling, I basted them in more coconut milk. I am not a big fan of coconut, but this stuff was wonderful!


Once they were all cooked, we put the pieces over rice and was it ever tasty!


Here are a few random shots from around the yard that I took as I was waiting for the grill to be ready.

Kyle is quite fond of turtles and gnomes. From time to time a new turtle statue will turn up in my garden.



This gnome watches over (or under) my lilac bush. He is unfortunately, not a very good watchmen. If you look over his right shoulder, you can see where a branch was violently removed from the bush. My mother-in-law bought me the bush for a present. Kyle got over zealous with the soccer ball one day and broke one of the branches, at the time amounting to almost half the bush. We called Doc Lilac and he said to tie a ribbon around the branch to hold it on and it may heal, but would likely fall off the next year. We did as he said and not only did it stay, it began to heal. That was two years ago. Earlier this spring, I removed the ribbon because the branch was sufficiently healed to hold itself up. That same afternoon, Sarah kicked the soccer ball into it, knocking the branch clean off. Needless to say, I was horrified. I don’t exactly remember what I said to her, but it was NOT nice!


Now for the lilac bush that Kyle’s trusty gnome watches over.


Although several blossoms are nearly bursting open, this is the only one that was actually open on the whole bush. This particular lilac is a sensation.

Don’t forget to tip toe through the tulips…



…or stop and smell them…


Erin always takes the time to stop and smell the flowers.

Above the tuplips, my forsythia bush is in it’s full splendor, which is not all that slpendid this year. I think I cut it back too far, too late last year.


My lawn is in desperate need of mowing, but between Jeff’s allergies and my crushed finger tip, it just hasn’t gotten done. Kyle said he would mow it tomorrow. Yeah!!! It needs it…


Dandelion soup, anyone?

This area behind the garage drives me nuts. I put down landscape fabric and a thick layer of mulch between the far side of the garage and the fence, so the kids have a “secret” entrance to the back area. The kids have drawn up landscape plans for this area, and they tell me that this is the summer when we need to “make it happen.” Hmm, we’ll see…


I took many, many, too many pictures of the kids, which I am in the process of editing, so I will put those in a separate post tomorrow. I am exhausted and it is late, so I am turning in for the night!



May 2, 2009

We went out for a little while this afternoon and wound up at Tom Wahl’s in Avon. We had burgers, dogs, and frosty mug rootbeer. When we left the restaurant, we saw this…which I thought was cool.


As I was driving back towards home, I realized my bandage on my finger was loose. Perhaps I should back up. On Tuesday night, at work, I crushed the tip of my pinky between a door latch and a large steel cabinet. I went to the hospital, was there for 5 1/2 hours with the end result being a removed fingernail, a stitch in the nailbed, a tetnus shot, and no broken bones. Oh yeah, there was quite a bit of pain as well! So back to this afternoon… I noticed the dressing was loose so I thought I should redress it. I couldn’t just redress, I had to photograph as well…

WARNING: The photo that follows is gross and not for the faint of heart. If you don’t want to look, scroll down a ways to see a really cute picture of Erin.

If you really want to see it bigger, click…I went with a thumbnail here (no pun intended) so those grossed out wouldn’t have such a large photo to deal with.



While we were at the store getting bandage stuff, Erin decided she was cold, so I let her wear my sweatshirt…she is way too cute, so I had to photograph her as well.



Perfect Day for a Race

May 2, 2009

Last night, while perusing the Rochester Running Page, we discovered that Northstar Christian Academy, the school where Kyle attended 5th and 6th grade, was having a 5 mile race today. Kyle decided he wanted to run in it, so this morning, we got up and headed out for what turned out to be near perfect running conditions. Kyle prefers running in cooler weather, so the just under 50 degree temps were perfect. There was no wind, and the sun was out as well, which I appreciated after standing there for nearly an hour.

As we waited for the race to start, we chatted with a couple of people that we knew. Then it was time for the start…


Pastor Grace and Mr. Boshnack getting ready to start the race.


The rest of the field…


Kyle prefers to start at the back of the race pack. It allows him to find his pace without being trampled by the fast starters.


As the race got underway, I sat on a nearby bench to wait for the finish and this tree caught my attention. As you can see from the sky in the background, it really was a beautiful morning.


While sitting on the bench, a perfectly charming young lady came over and sat down near me. She asked if someone I knew was racing and we struck up a conversation. She told me that she is home schooled and I found myself thinking that it was obvious. She was 15, and we had quite the interesting conversation about school, homeopathy, LEAH groups, running, music, and other interesting tidbits. It reminded me a lot of conversations with my own kids; conversations most kids wouldn’t be interested in…go home schooling! We passed the time waiting for the racers. Her brother, then her dad, then Kyle finished. Later she came over and asked Kyle about his time and congratulated him on a race well run. This young lady was quite impressive. I only wish I had gotten her name…

This last shot is a bit fuzzy, but here is Kyle near the finish line…


He always tries to sprint at the finish. His time was 43.31 and this was a 5 mile race, so his time was decent. This is his first race this year, so definitely not bad!