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February 23, 2009

For a couple of weeks now, I have had the urge to take a little road trip. Nothing too crazy or expensive, just a jaunt out of town with the family. I mentioned to Jeff the possibility of going to Buffalo on Sunday while we were chatting about weekend plans on Saturday. He seemed agreeable but not enthusiastic about it, so I sort of dismissed the idea.

Saturday morning I was wide awake after working all night, so Jeff suggested I stay awake until early afternoon, then sleep through until I had to go into work that night. Not thinking about the fact that I had trouble falling asleep for a nap before work on Friday night, I agreed. Normally I nap for an hour or two before going in, but Friday night I just could not get to sleep! We decided to go to a mall that we don’t often get to and then eat at Pizzaria Uno. Jeff has had a craving for Chicago style pizza since watching a Food Network program about pizza a couple weeks ago. While we were out I felt horrid. My stomach was ill, I was dizzy, almost nauseous, and just generally unwell. We got home around 3:30 when I fell into bed and slept, but not well. Finally, at 10:30 I got up to go to work. I was sick all night. At around 6:00 I told my co-worker that I was going home. We were in really good shape, so she didn’t mind. Upon arriving home, I again fell into bed and slept soundly.

Jeff awakened me at noon and announced that I better get up if we were going to go to Buffalo. I was feeling better, but I was a little concerned about being fairly far from home all day. My stomach had been messed up for a whole day and night and I wasn’t sure what would happen if I ate anything. After running a few errands, we shuffled off to Buffalo. We decided it would be fun to spend the day together without too much technology and such. We also wanted to go to our favorite steak house, Montana’s. We got to buffalo around 4 and decided to hit the Walden Galleria Mall. We wandered around for a couple hours, then decided we were quite hungry. As we got closer to our destination I was getting excited about the tasty food and fun atmosphere that was awaiting us. When we arrived, we were horribly disappointed to find that our favorite steak house had made a “necessary business decision” and was no longer there! This place had been amazing. The food was delicious, the prices fair, and the atmosphere fun. We had been there a half dozen times and never left disappointed. We figure with the economy as it is they probably couldn’t afford to be so good.

After much grumbling about the restaurant closing, we decided to try a Japanese steak and seafood place we had passed along the way. We have a wonderful Japanese restaurant locally, so our expectations are usually pretty low when we try new places. Few compare to Tokyo. We were pleasantly surprised. Ichiban Steak and Seafood was decent. We opted to sit at the Hibachi tables, something we rarely do at Tokyo, to humor the kids. The chef was fun and the food was good. There were not many people there so we sat with one other couple who kept to themselves, ate quickly, and left. The kids got mango mochi for dessert. I think it might be my new favorite dessert. It was positively delicious and the serving was huge! It is a mango ice cream ball inside a sweet rice wrapping.  There were 3 of them, golf ball sized, on the plate.

After dinner we headed home. It was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enhoy themselves.

Jeter was our chef. Although he didn’t speak much English, he put on a good show and made tasty food.


Since Sarah can’t eat any soy, she got sushi.


Jeter made a volcano…


Then lit it…


And finally, tried to bbq someone’s chicken over it!


Erin thought the show was cool!