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Congratulations Kyle

December 26, 2008

Kyle took his first college course during the fall semester. We just found out that he got an A in the course.

The course was an introduction to Computer Generated Images. Here is some of what he did…

The link below is a Powerpoint presentation. If you do not have Powerpoint, you can use the link below it to download a Powerpoint Viewer from Microsoft. I have not used the viewer myself, but the directions and information about it are included at the link below.


Powerpoint Viewer

As a culminating project, Kyle created a webpage, but he has no webspace, so I copied his pages into a Powerpoint presentation. There was one aditional project, an animation, that I could not load, as it is a flash animation which is apparently not supported by WordPress. Anyway, you can get an idea of the things he learned. He really enjoyed this course and did quite well in it! Yeah, Kyle!


Oh the Weather Outside…

December 20, 2008

…was “whiteful.”

These were taken yesterday afternoon, after we got dumped on all morning. Apparently it was coming down at a rate of 1″ – 2″ per hour. The kids were outside for several hours playing and moving snow around.





Here is a picture of our humble Christmas tree. (No, I didn’t paint the walls!)



Glitch Fixed

December 16, 2008

When I posted about my birthday gifts, I was annoyed that the pictures didn’t resize when clicked on. It started after WordPress moved to version 2.7. I went into the forums to see if anyone else was having this problem, and sure enough, I was not alone. I have since fixed my last 3 posts, so now the picutres will again enlarge. YAY!


Christmas Lights

December 16, 2008

Last night, while Sarah was at dance class, Kyle and Erin and I went looking at Christmas lights. I suppose it would be more appropriate to say that I looked at Christmas lights while the kids moaned and groaned.  Here is some of what we saw.







These pictures were all taken in a housing tract that a co-worker told me about. She said it was a little over-the-top, but I had no idea what to expect. It was spectacular! I actually went down the street 3 times trying to get pictures because the traffic through this tract of housing was nonstop. There wasn’t really anywhere to pull off the road, so I had trouble trying to get good shots. People seem to get annoyed when you turn your car off (engine vibration kills night shots) in the middle of the road to shoot a bunch of pictures. After we picked Sarah up, it was late enough that there were not as many cars so I was able to get a few decent shots.


The Lake and Bad Armadillo

December 15, 2008

I had a chiropractic appointment this morning and since the lake was nearby, I thought I’d check it out and take a few pictures. Our weather is very changeable today and the winds are blowing like crazy. We started out around 55 degrees F with little wind, and dropped to 43 with a wind chill that makes it barely above freezing. With these crazy conditions the lake was awesome!




The kids had spent the night at my in-laws so we made arrangements to meet, then I had a little running around to do. When we arrived home, we discovered an interesting mess on the kitchen floor! On Black Friday, when I went shopping at the feed store, I bought a plush armadillo for Joe, complete with 4 squeakers. He loves the thing! He carries it around and squeaks it regularly and sometimes he even sleeps with it. The thing is almost as big as he is, but he seems to really love it. Well, that darn armadillo made a mess on the floor today…or so it appeared…


I know this picture is probably in poor taste, but the girls were insistent that I take a picture! Kyle mumbled something about us being crazy, then left the room. Personally, I think Joe set it up so we wouldn’t get mad at him! He is a very intelligent dog, y’know.

Sorry to those with delicate constitutions, but I really couldn’t resist! I hope I don’t lose too many of my 3 blog readers…LOL!


A little late

December 15, 2008

I know this post is late, but I did say I would post pictures of my birthday gifts. So here they are…


These are most of my gifts. Jeff got me the lens, Kyle got me the DVD, and the girls got me the Hot Diggity Dog, the cloth,  Danny and Doxie, and the fan. The flowers are from my Mom and the book from my mother-in-law. Jeff also got me a Dachsaholic sweatshirt with dachshunds on it.


Erin got my Danny and Doxie for my birthday, then I decided I had to have Roxie and Doxie as well. Now I just need to get Dottie and Doxie! I made the mistake of looking at the Bearington website. They have soooo many cute bears, I could collect them ALL!

Here are some additional pictures I have taken over the last few weeks.

This is the sky from December 2, when we had an absolutely gorgeous morning.


Kyle ran a race last weekend. Here are the racers awaiting the start of the race. I don’t remember the exact weather conditions that day, but I do recall that my fingers were numb by the end of the race. The temperature was low and the wind chill was bitter and I ALMOST wished I was running.


While waiting for Kyle to finish the race, this gentleman crossed the line and I thought his running attire was interesting! No, he was not wearing loafers, but sneakers, of course!

Kyle finally finished the race…warmth was near!


This lady was stretching after the race, so I snapped a picture of her “hitcher.”


On Black Friday I went shopping but only at a local feed store. I picked up a bird feeder and some seed, hoping that I could attract some little birds to photograph with my new zoom lens. These two were not at the feeder, but they certainly caught my attention.


Here is my little feeder with a little bird checking it out.


These next two pictures were taken into my neighbor’s backyard.


If you blow up the picture below, you will see a very naughty creature in the bird feeder.