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Straightening Teeth

January 29, 2009

On Monday I took Kyle to the orthodontist to find out about braces. His teeth are far from striaght, making good oral habits difficult. Our dentist suggested that we should look into braces soon so Kyle would have an easier time keeping his teeth clean and healthy. The orthodontist that we went to see, Dr. Kaufman, came highly recommended. He looked at Kyle’s teeth, made recommendations and suggested we start as soon as possible. As it turned out, ASAP was Tuesday morning.

Kyle, Tuesday morning, before braces


Kyle, Tuesday afternoon, talking to grandma on the phone, telling her about his new hardware…


As the hygienist was showing me what was in Kyle’s mouth, I was amazed. He has the obvious brackets and wires, but he also has springs and turbos (they prevent him from closing his mouth all the way due to a fairly severe overbite). I guess the springs are place holders for a couple of teeth that couldn’t be bracketed because of baby. He also has two springs in front, visible in the picture above, that are to move his front teeth the make room for the two teeth that are behind the others on the bottom front.


Christmas Photos

January 26, 2009

Yes, I know Christmas was a month ago! Working in a bakery, the holidays are a very intense time. Production nearly doubles and help does not. I was so tired that when I finally got a day or two off all I did was sleep. I think I have finally recovered all the needed sleep I lost, so I decided I should get back to the things I enjoy…like pictures!  I have finally uploaded all of my holiday photos, so here are some of the best!

Kyle and Sarah got cameras for their birthdays a couple years ago, but Erin was still a bit young for a “real” camera. We decided that this Christmas was her turn. I looked around and found a really good deal on a Nikon Coolpix refurb. Here she is opening it. When she saw the Nikon box, she assumed I had recycled my D40 box, then she realized what it was…


As soon as she got it out of the box she began snapping pictures.


Eventually she decided that I should take a picture of her new camera with my camera. I cropped this out of a much larger picture, so the quality is lacking, but I thought the reflection in the table was really cool.


Jeff’s sister and her two girls came to visit during New Years week. We got together with them a couple times and the kids had a great time. They live too far south to get a lot of snow, and Julie’s girls were really looking forward to playing in the white stuff. The weather was compliant and dropped a sizeable amount of snow on us when they arrived.




Notice all the bright red cheeks? They were having so much fun I think they forgot about the cold. When we finally made them come in, they didn’t really want to, but it was getting dark out. Grandpa had made a fire, so the girls gathered in the family room around the fire and cuddled in blankets and with each other to get warm.



These next two pictures are my favorites from the day.






The day before they went home, we went to a movie and then dinner.


I’m not sure what the conversation was about in the picture above, but they were pretty involved in it!