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December 31, 2012

I took the girls sledding yesterday, and what fun they had!

First, they went down on their own sleds, but Sarah couldn’t seem to figure out which way was down…



Then they went down together on one sled. Time Lords? I wonder if their hats are bigger on the inside?



I guess Sarah was tired, so she decided to lay down… hahaha! (I think there might have been some snowballs flying)


Sarah determined that this is NOT the best way to sled down the hill.



As I was watching the girls go down and back up the hill, I caught sight of this. About midway down the hill, the sled tipped, the pooch jumped out and ran full tilt UP the hill, while the woman righted the sled and continued down. The dog seemed to love the sledding adventures. I watched it go down with a couple different people a half-dozen times or so. It was QUITE amusing!

silly dog

I just thought this was a cool action shot with the snowball midair.