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ESL Airshow

June 1, 2009

Yesterday we decided to go to the airshow at Ontario Beach. Usually the show is at the airport which is practically in our backyard, so it always seemed silly to actually GO to the airport since we could get a pretty good show from home. The one thing we never get to see is all the cool planes on the ground. Unfortunately, having the show at the beach, there is not anyplace to have all of the cool aircraft on the ground. I think there was one helicopter, and the cockpit of a plane for a (very expensive) photo opportunity. We did however, get to see a pretty cool show put on by the Canadian Airforce Snowbirds. On a side note…One year when the Snowbirds were here and practicing near the airport, I decided to pop the screen out of the skylight, stand on a chair, and stick my head through the roof. As I was looking around, one of the Snowbird planes flew over the house and did a roll right above me. I actually made eye contact with the pilot! It was one of those “larger than life” experiences! Anyway, I took 564 pictures of their performance at the airshow. Obviously you don’t want to see ALL of them, so I chose the best to post here. They are things that intrigued me about the performance. They are not the most impressive air shots ever, but I will admit, this is my first attempt at photographing aircraft in flight. I am quite pleased with what I got…









In addition to the CAF Snowbirds, we saw two Red Bull skydivers. This is not a great picture, but I couldn’t figure out where they were jumping until it was too late.


Erin and Sarah enjoyed the show!


We went kind of late and didn’t stay for very long, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Afterwards, we went to Sullivan’s Charbroil for a quick, yummy supper. By the time we finished eating, I was in desperate need to bed; I had been awake for nearly 27 hours, with 2 very brief (less then an hour each) naps. Needless to say, I slept very well!