Shakespeare in the Park

June 24, 2013

This past weekend we decided to go see a production of Hamlet in Delaware Park in Buffalo. Since I am still sporting a walking boot for my sprained left ankle, we got there plenty early so we could park close and not have to walk far. As we were waiting for things to get started, I got this very serious candid of Erin.


She is decidedly not my “little” girl anymore. She is now taller than both Sarah and I by more than an inch and she’s still growing.

It’s really quite remarkable that there is a crew that erects a stage complete with lighting and a sound system in the middle of a park. Here is the stage before the show got started.


We initially were going to sit so center stage was directly in front of us, but we wound up moving to be able to see better, so this was then our view of the stage…


I didn’t get pictures of all of the actors, but here are my favorites.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern


Ophelia and Laertes


Polonius (who was my absolute favorite)


The man who played Polonius seemed to put his everything into the playing of the character. Then, upon Polonius’ death, he played one of the grave diggers. In both roles, he was absolutely wonderful.

Even though Jeff and I lived in Buffalo for about 3 1/2 years, we never went to see Shakespeare in the Park. Since the girls are currently very into Hamlet (David Tenant’s role as Hamlet to be specific), we decided that during the “off-season” (hockey, that is) we should go see a show. We all had a great deal of fun and the girls spent quite some time critiquing the performance afterward. As we were leaving, Erin asked if we could see it again before Hamlet is done…in 3 weeks. Hmmm…

I definitely would recommend a jaunt to Buffalo to catch a show.



February 15, 2013

Last weekend, we lost a fairly large tree in our back yard and took out the power.


Erin and I took a hand saw to the mess and here is what is left.


Here is the pile of debris from cleaning up…we still have a ways to go.


Erin was quite pleased that the tree had enough manners to not destroy her garden fence, but instead fall nicely in the opening of it.




December 31, 2012

I took the girls sledding yesterday, and what fun they had!

First, they went down on their own sleds, but Sarah couldn’t seem to figure out which way was down…



Then they went down together on one sled. Time Lords? I wonder if their hats are bigger on the inside?



I guess Sarah was tired, so she decided to lay down… hahaha! (I think there might have been some snowballs flying)


Sarah determined that this is NOT the best way to sled down the hill.



As I was watching the girls go down and back up the hill, I caught sight of this. About midway down the hill, the sled tipped, the pooch jumped out and ran full tilt UP the hill, while the woman righted the sled and continued down. The dog seemed to love the sledding adventures. I watched it go down with a couple different people a half-dozen times or so. It was QUITE amusing!

silly dog

I just thought this was a cool action shot with the snowball midair.



What a Difference!

June 5, 2012

A friend who was recently introduced to my blog made the comment that my girls look so much different now. I am so thankful that I have a blog to look back at and see just how much they have changed and to be able to read the details of fun activities and life events. I am not so good at journaling or photo albums, so I really glad I have this blog. But, I digress!

This picture was taken 23 months ago. Sorry for the grainy, awful look of it…I must not have had enough light.

This picture, I took at 8:30 this morning.

Sarah was very diligent in her orthodontic experience. She wore her rubber bands the entire 23 months she was in braces, except for the 8 week reprieve she was given a few months ago. She brushed carefully and always was careful about what she ate and how she ate it. Last month when I took her for her final appointment before removal, the doctor told us that she was an excellent candidate for permanent retainers. They are a thin wire that is glued to the backs of the 4 front teeth. She explained that not all patients can have the wire, only those with excellent oral care. I was pretty proud of Sarah, but skeptical about the wires. I asked around, researched the Internet, and finally asked the dental hygienist about it when I got my teeth cleaned last week. We came to the conclusion that the permanent wires were the best choice for Sarah. The only “maintenance” is keeping them clean and having regular dental check-ups to make sure the teeth aren’t shifting.

So here is the end result…

Doesn’t she look happy? She was so excited! Then, to add to her excitement, Dr. K told her that the girls in the office had gotten her organic products for her goody bag and they had checked them for soy. I was blown away! I had told the girls not to worry about a goody bag for her because there are so many things she can’t eat because of her legume issues. They, however, went out of their way to get her things she could eat. She was very pleased and very impressed!

So now that Sarah’s braces saga is over, Erin’s should begin in a month or so. As Dr. K put it last time he saw her, she needs to grow 1 more tooth. It’s broken through and I suspect by her mid-July appointment it should be far enough in for them to grab it with a bracket and pull it the rest of the way in.


Zoo Visit

May 25, 2012

Last week a friend and I took our kids to the zoo. It was a perfect day because it was warm, but not hot, and there was a light breeze. It also wasn’t mobbed with people, so we had a great time. Here are my captures for the day.

She just LOVES having her picture taken!

Sunning herself, or major attitude?

This is, I suppose, what I get for asking the (almost) teen to pose as a butterfly…

My friend’s daughter was much more compliant!

She also decided to be a turtle. Mine wouldn’t get in the turtle shell. She said she wouldn’t fit, but I have seen grown men inside that turtle shell, so I am sure she would have fit. If husband had been with us, I am pretty sure he would have gotten in it, although he would not have let me photograph him!

Outside the rhino enclosure; I couldn’t resist…

There is a new Africa exhibit and I found the lions to be pretty awesome! Perfect caption for this one, “Isn’t my mane incredible?!”

Safari girls!

Joe’s relative The seals thoroughly enjoyed playing to the small crowd that had gathered to watch them. This one was playing coy, then went inside.  The other one came up out of the water, looked around at all the people, then sort of fell over into the water. It was obviously enjoying the attention. 


Last Game

February 27, 2012

The girls had their last league game today and they went out on a high note, a 4 – 2 win. They don’t qualify for the state tournament, but they had a fantastic season and truly defined teamwork. Jeff and I will truly miss these girls next year as Erin has to move up to the next level next season.


Happy Birthday!

December 31, 2011

Happy Seventh Birthday Mr. Joe!