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Cool Train Stuff

September 7, 2009

In my last post I wrote about a visit to the New York Museum of Transportation. I decided it really needed it’s own post, so here goes!

I will, for the most part, let the pictures do the talking…


It was a gorgeous day!



Some of the cars inside the museum are set up to allow people to walk into them.


The following 3 pictures are from a 1914 car, Car 157,  with a very interesting story. I was very impressed with the beautiful mahogany trim!




The rest of the pictures were taken at Industry Depot. I just felt some of them needed to be in black and white!








These last two were taken inside the depot building. I was so impressed with the details on the seats. The entire building was finished in the same way that the corner I have shown was. I was just impressed with the attention to detail here! Definitely from another time!



This is the other track-car. I showed a picture of one in the previous post. You sit on the orange seats in the front and ride in the open air. It was quite exhilarating! I would not want to do this with small children. It is a little too open…with no seatbelts!



Genesee Country Village

August 29, 2007

I took my mom to the Genesee Country Village and Museum last Sunday for her birthday. This post is a week late, as I have been overwhelmingly busy and just haven’t had time to post. Anyway, the Village is a wonderful place where 19th century life is relived every day. On the day that we went, there was an Old Time Fiddlers Fest going on, which occurs the same weekend every year. Twenty years ago, Mom and I went to our first one, so this is always a special event for us, but we rarely get to go by ourselves. This time however, it worked out that it was just the two of us and what a time we had. I took close to 100 pictures (my memory card only holds that many) and she took just over 350. I think we totally captured the spirit of the place, at least as much as one can. It really must be experienced for the full effect, and experience it we did!

As my mom did on her blog, I am going to simply post the pictures, without much explanation. Pictures truly can be worth a thousand words. Some of the photos are duplicates, as I was playing with black and white and sepia tones.


Busy, Busy, Busy!

August 19, 2007

This summer seems like such a blur! We have gone so many places and done so many things this summer, that it seems to have gone by with screaming speed. The past couple of weeks have been very busy for some reason and I have simply been too tired to post anything. So now I have quite a few pictures and a few adventures.
Living where we do, we have many great historical and cultural institutions nearby. Last Sunday we went to the George Eastman House to see an Ansel Adams exhibit. As I have mentioned before, I am a fan of black and white photography, so I was very excited to be able to see Ansel Adams’ work! For obvious reasons, photos of his work are not allowed, so I only have a couple pictures from the Eastman House. However, a coupon for a free Ansel Adams postcard was included with each admission ticket to the Ansel Adams exhibit. I was able to convince Kyle and Jeff that they wanted postcards (even though they really didn’t). So even though I could not take pictures at the exhibit, I did frame my postcards and photograph them…

This picture from the Eastman House is really cool. It is George Eastman in many tiny photos all put together to make a large picture of him. I can’t imagine putting this together! Erin is posing in front of the display so you can get an idea of the size of the thing. Near this display is a monitor showing the smaller individual pictures that make up the large portrait, so you can see each picture separately.

There were many activities going on while we were there, many of them geared toward the children. Erin insisted on getting her face painted with a kitten. She then convinced Grandma to take her back for a snake on her arm. She can be very convincing!

We didn’t spend a long time at the George Eastman House. We were hungry and the kids were very good about the whole thing, but it obviously wasn’t their “thing.” We went to a little cafe and had some good grub, then Jeff and I took the kids to the park. The playground at this park is really cool. There is equipment for toddlers, bigger kids, and teens. Most of the parks we go to have signs that say children over 12 must not play on the playground equipment. Kyle was happy that he was able to use the playground!
This is the “big kid” area. I told Erin she was too short to use the thing she is using…anything to prove Mom wrong, LOL!

This is the teen area. The thing that I am trying to reach is like a zip line. It was a lot of fun, but you have to let go at the right moment or you get quite the jarring in your back…yes I tried it! Notice Erin on the “teen” stuff? She really thinks she is a teenager in a small body. She asks us all the time, “Don’t I look like a teenager?” Hmmm!?!

I think Erin was trying to get higher on the swings than Kyle, but she just doesn’t have the leg power yet…

Notice Sarah’s antlers? Kyle found pine needles and tried to put them in Sarah’s hat but had difficulties, so I helped. Isn’t she cute?

While Sarah and Kyle were chasing each other, Sarah’s knee had a close encounter with a bolt. That ‘pretty’ pattern was visible for 2 days then much of her knee turned a lovely shade of yellow.

After Sarah’s injury, I suggested a walk around the pond that the playground overlooked. I needed to take some pretty flower pictures. Unfortunately, most of my pretty flower photo attempts were failures, but I did manage a couple decent pictures…


Einstein – Larger than life!

August 15, 2007


Marine Life

April 28, 2007

The kids and I decided to go to work with Jeff again. So we all got up early, got ready and headed out. Last time we went with him, we got a membership to the zoo that has reciprocal benefits all over the place. One of the places that we can use the membership for a discount is at the local aquarium. This was one of my favorite places to go as a kid, so I, of course, like taking my own kids there. We arrived just in time to see the penguins being fed. Kyle really likes penguins, so this was very cool.

The feeding was supposed to begin at 9:30, so we went over and stood in front of the enclosure at about 9:25. Within a minute or two, one penguin went and stood by the door waiting for his food. By the time the man came through the door with the bucket of fish, there were 6 or 7 penguins awaiting his arrival. He had a bucket and a Tupperware type container, both with some fish in them. He handed out the fish in the plastic container first, one at a time, to each penguin. Well, some were more insistent than others and came back for more, so he would gently push them back, or push them into the water and they would back off. I had several different kinds of birds growing up but all of them would peck at us if they were angry or scared. These penguins just waited patiently, or at least calmly and never pecked at the man feeding them or at each other. Every now and then one would try to steal another’s fish, but it would only grab at the fish, not the other penguin. All in all, they were very cool little birds. We really enjoyed watching them. Penguins are probably my second favorite wild animals (after giraffes).

Erin took the picture of this poor gal. She looks half bald, but a sign above the enclosure informed us that they are simply molting. I sure hope she gets her feathers back soon, cuz she looks baaad! It’s a really good picture though…yeah Erin!

The aquarium is quite small, so the largest animals they have are Sea Lions, but they have a lot of smaller fish and other marine creatures. They also have skeletons of much larger creatures hanging up in a few places. The girls decided to have their picture taken in a shark cage that sits in front of a giant shark hanging from the ceiling.

Sarah protects Erin from the impending attack. Doesn’t Sarah look scared?

Erin shows how scary the shark behind her is!

There was a really cool tide pool exhibit there. It was about 10 feet long and about 1 foot deep with about 8 to 10 inches of water in it. The top was open and the whole thing was about 3 feet off the ground. It was the perfect height for kids to peer into it from above and for adults to look down onto it. I, being short, was able to lean against it and use my arms as a tripod to take pictures from above.

The crab in this picture is pretty obvious, but do you see the flatfish? I believe it is a Sole.

Watching this Sea Star, we were able to see the little tube feet moving. The little, tiny bubbles in the picture were created as the tube feet moved around.

I thought the coloring on these Sea Anemones was really pretty. Can you see the Sole hiding half in the sand under the anemone on the right? There were about 7 or 8 of these guys hiding in the pool. They should have had a “Where’s the Sole” game going…LOL!

In another display, there was a tank full of different kinds of Sea Anemone…

…and apparently Kyle, sticking out his tongue at his sister while I was busy snapping a picture! NOT a terribly attractive picture of him! He would be mortified if he knew I had posted it here…shhh, don’t tell him!

When a field trip of about 30 preschool aged children showed up, we decided it was time to go, but not before we saw Diamond perform for us…

Diamond is a Sea Lion, who likes to clap, nod yes to lots of things, and hide her head under her flipper in shame. The show was very cute, but the preschoolers were very loud, so we decided to go some where else.

After leaving the aquarium, the kids were hungry so we went to Dairy Queen. We do not have them where we live, so the kids find it to be quite a treat. I have nostalgic memories of going to PA with my grandfather to help him mow the property they own there and then walking over the tracks and across the street to DQ for lunch. He always got a chili dog and a root beer float and I always got a foot long hot dog with ketchup. Even though I have been watching what I eat and have managed to drop 15 pounds over the last 2 months, I decided to have a foot long dog and a root beer float for old times. It was almost as good as I remember it. Perhaps if I smelled like cut grass it would have been better, haha!

As we were finishing lunch, Erin was complaining that her tooth hurt. She had a loose tooth that was half out, but she wouldn’t pull it because it hurt too badly. I had listened to her complain about it for two days and was tired of the whining, so I decided to pull the darn thing. I grabbed a wad of napkins and when we got outside, I grabbed her, tipped her head back, and yanked on the tooth. She started wailing, but the stupid tooth didn’t come out. I decided I better leave it alone, lest someone call child protective services on me for torturing my 7 year old. Erin was really crying and yelling at that point. As I turned around to get in the car, I looked up and saw two construction worker types sitting in the front window of DQ, eating ice cream, and laughing at our little display! Good thing Erin didn’t see them, she would have cried even harder!

It was only about noon when we finished lunch, so we still had 5 hours to kill. We are members at our local science museum, so again, we can get into other science museums for free or for a reduced price. The kids decided they would like to go to the science museum, so we went there for a few hours and checked things out. It isn’t the greatest science museum, but I like it because it has tons of samples of minerals. The earth scientist in me gets excited about such things! I didn’t take any pictures there, as there wasn’t good lighting and there wasn’t really anything I wanted pictures of.

There is a really cool playground that I was going to take the kids to after the science museum, but our plans were foiled. We still had about 2 hours before Jeff was done at work, so I headed towards the park. We decided to stop at Office Max along the way to pick up something Jeff was looking for and while we were in there, the sky opened up! The forecast originally had called for a relatively nice day, becoming cloudy in the afternoon, with a slight possibility of a shower later in the day. Well, the forecast was right on! The rain sounded like a band of drummers on the roof. Obviously, the playground was out.

Eventually the rain stopped, so we drove around looking at different neighborhoods, trying to find houses for sale to see how expensive the housing in those neighborhoods is. It wasn’t the most fun we have ever had, but we did find a few nice neighborhoods and some affordable houses.

Finally, we picked up Jeff, grabbed dinner, and went home. I fell into bed at 10 pm, exhausted and achy. When Joe woke up at 4, I told him it was too early. Fortunately, he listened and settled right back down. Good thing, because I was just too tired to deal!


Fun with Kids

March 7, 2007

There is this great snowtubing place about 45 minutes from where we live. So a couple weeks ago I got some discount tickets from work and my Mom and I took the kids. What is snowtubing you ask? Well, you climb a big hill, sit in an innertube, and go flying down a well groomed hill complete with moguls.

This picture doesn’t really do justice to the size of the hill, but it does show the nicely groomed lanes. For those who would rather not walk up the hill, there are two tow lines that one can use to be pulled up the hill. The waiting for those could be a bit lengthy however.

The kids had a ton of fun, even though my Mom and I froze our fingers and toes and noses watching! Erin, being the youngest and by far the shortest, had a tough time navigating the lanes once she got to the bottom of the hill. With all her winter gear and a huge innertube to tug along, she was having trouble keeping up with the big kids. Michelle, taking pitty on poor little Erin, told her to get in the tube and Michelle pulled her around for the entire 2 hours that we were there. Erin was quite the lady of luxury!

Earlier this week, I took Kyle, Sarah, Erin, and Sarah’s friend, Kelly to the Science Museum. Most of the exhibits at the museuem do not change, but the kids still love going and seeing the same things over and over again. Normally I drag them through the “educational” exhibits, that they consider BO-ring, then I allow them to do the more fun, hands-on stuff. This time I decided to just let them do whatever they wanted and oh did they have fun.

Science Museum

We played in a big stream table (my personal favorite), looked at optical illusions, put the kids faces on money, played the stock market, went on a submarine ride (just pretend), and many other fun things.
Those are some scary baby dinosaurs!

While Kelly showed Sarah how to make origami frogs…

Kyle explored an elevated maze that goes from the first floor to the second floor.

Next the kids tried their hand at being meteorologists on television.

I think the most fun was had when we visited a hands-on exhibit exploring the properties of matter. Sarah and Kelly spun themselves until they could barely stand…I think Kelly’s face says it all:

All four kids checked out a bridge to test which type of construction would support them better.

Much fun was had by all. I think I got more tired out than the kids did though! I was exhausted by the end of the afternoon. After seeing all that the kids wanted to see at the museum, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a yummy late lunch. After all that fun and food I was ready for a nap!


Monstrous Fun

October 25, 2006

Tiring of the same-old-same-old, we took the kids for a field trip to the local science museum, where a dinosaur exhibit is visiting for 3 months. I am not one to get overly excited about dinosaurs, but these things were cool.

They had one on display without its “skin” and it had controls that you could manipulate to move different parts of its body.
When we tired of the dinos, we went to check out a hands-on exhibit…the kids like those best!
Sarah checked out a couple of optical illusions.

Erin went inside this triangle of mirrors, only to find she was too short to see herself. I found her a stool to stand on, and then she could see herself.

Erin and Sarah test their balance on a couple of balance beams. I think the look on Erin’s face says it all!
While the kids checked out the other hands-on activities, I tried my hand at building an arch. After 3 attempts, I finally met with success.
Meanwhile, Erin built an arch of her own that Kyle walked across…

and all three kids took turns spinning.
Here Sarah demonstrates.

Much fun was had by all, until I announced that each of them needed to find something they were interested in to do more research on for a science or social studies project. At that point groans and grumbles could be heard all around. Oh, well…they will have fun completing their projects, they just don’t know it yet!