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Long Time Coming

January 24, 2016

It’s been ages since I last blogged! My webspace provider shuttered his business sometime in late 2014, so I lost my space. I toyed with finding new space, but I enjoyed being able to pay a few dollars a month, automatically debited and not many places provide that at a price I am willing to pay. It occurred to me recently though, that I could simply revert back to posting through WordPress, so here I am.

So much has changed in the last year, I’m not sure where to begin! I am still eating plant strong, but I have succumbed to my sweet tooth on too many occasions. It is definitely time to get that back in check as well as making the gym a habit again.

We have found a church, finally! I was invited to check out Victory Community Church a little over a year ago and within a couple of months Erin and I were not only being blessed by the messages and the genuine people there, but we were involved with the worship team.  Erin began singing and I joined the visual team. Sometime last summer Jeff also started attending regularly. We are so blessed and able to bless others. It’s been such a long time since I have felt at home in a church!

Yet another hockey season is winding down. This one was different though. Erin hung up the skates at the end of last season. Her primary reason was to get away from the all-consuming beast that travel hockey is. She told me that there is so much more to who she wants to be than a hockey goalie, but the sport consumes one’s time like quicksand. Politics played a lesser role in her decision as well.  So this hockey season has been about coaching for our family. Jeff is an assitant/goalie coach for the Edge non-tournament bound U12 team and Erin is a student goalie coach.  I’ve done stats for most of the games and have traveled with the team to most games. It is so different and so much more relaxed, and I am enjoying it. I am looking forward to having our weekends back though. 😊

It is my goal to bust out the camera and start taking pictures again, so stay tuned and keep checking back for new posts…with pictures!





Fun End to a Long Day

December 31, 2011

Today seemed to go on forever, starting at 6 am  and ending around 9 pm! I didn’t have 2 minutes to collect my thought all day, but the day ended with a party with a bunch of young hockey players and a holiday party/gift exchange.

This will be a picture heavy post, with little in the way of words, as it’s nearly midnight and I am to tired to provide a monologue! 


These two were sneaking about hiding from the camera!




Team Silliness!

November 12, 2011

The girls had team pictures before practice a couple of days ago. While they were waiting for the photographer for their team picture, they did some silly things poses for me.

As the girls finished their individual pictures, they gathered to wait for a team picture. Here are a few of the girls.

Erin decided to be a turtle. Glad she doesn’t tend goal that way!


Then some of the girls piled on top of her…goalie sandwich!

Soon afterwards, Coach Morgan decided to show her own silliness.

Finally, I got the whole team, still being rather silly!

This afternoon they played a great game, coming back to tie the game at 4 after being down by 2 goals.




Hockey and College

November 9, 2011

The last weekend in October we went to visit SUNY Cortland with Erin’s hockey team. The plan was to tour the Cortland women’s hockey team locker room, have a team lunch, watch a Cortland women’s hockey game, see a bit of the campus, and then have a clinic at a nearby ice rink with some of the girls from the Cortland hockey team.

While there, the girls had a blast!

The girls got to go into the Cortland Women’s locker room and meet the coach and hear a little about the program. The little brother of one of the girls decided that he should be in the picture. He’s quite a ham! I spent a good portion of the day trying to capture another picture of him, but he is quick, so many of my pictures of him were fuzzy!

After the locker room tour, we had a while before the game, so we went to a local restaurant where we had a party room to ourselves. The girls made posters to cheer on the team and Coach Morgan painted their faces.

Coach Morgan did not paint her own face, but here she is smiling for me.

This is Blaze. He posed for me, then a short while later disappeared. I think the girls scared him away…

During the game I stood along the top rail with Morgan. It was pretty awesome to see the girls turn around to her and point out things in the game that Morgan had been working with them on in practice!

We invited a couple of the U10 girls to join us as well. They are in this picture. I love Erin’s wide open mouth in this picture, lol! She’ll probably have a heart-attack when she sees that I posted it.

Several people were convinced that this was her real hair!!! The Cortland girls noticed it while they were on the ice and said afterwards that they loved it!

Between the game and our practice, we toured the Cortland campus a bit. We didn’t get too far because this vending machine caught the girls’ attention. A couple of them even announced that they were going to go to school there because of this vending machine. I imagine that may change in the next 5 or so years…I hope.

Three Cortland ladies came out to practice with the girls at a nearby ice rink. The girls (all of them) had a great time. The Cortland girls told our girls that they were so happy to have them at the game. They loved all the cheering and celebration every time they scored. Erin had brought a small blanket into the game with her and each time Cortland scored, one of our girls would tie on the blanket like a cape and run around the walkway at the top of the rink with the rest of our girls chasing behind. It was quite a sight and the Cortland girls loved it!

It was quite a long day but all of the girls had a great time. Some of them told me they want to do it again. Good thing we have more college visits planned!


Hockey, Again

August 14, 2010

After two solid weeks of hockey, Erin wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself. She asked me if I’d take her to a skate-and-shoot, but Jeff so enjoys going with her, that we waited until the weekend, when he could go as well. Jeff is amazed that  every time she plays, she seems to improve noticeably. She seems to have moved from just stopping the puck to anticipating what will happen after she stops it. So now she will often stop both a first and second (rebound) shot, sometimes quite impressively!

Yup, she knows she’s cute!

This was a pretty cool save. She stopped it…

…then, it went plop. I thought these 2 pictures were cool together.

Not sure what Jeff found funny, but I was pretty psyched that I got a picture of him laughing…very rare capture!

At least Erin keeps a “level head” and has a “firm handle” on the ice!

They both had a blast today and both got a good workout. And I got a Sabres jacket for 50% off in the pro shop at the rink!


Amerks Youth Hockey Camp

August 7, 2010

After spending a week at Edge camp, Erin had the weekend to recover before Amerks camp started. Amerks camp last year was her very first organized hockey experience. She has come so far in one year! On the final day of camp there is a scrimmage, so Jeff had taken the day off in order to go.  As we were watching her, Jeff told me a couple of times, “get a picture, that’s a great stance.” He didn’t get to see her play last week, so the last time he saw her play was at the camp in Amherst. She has come quite a ways just in the last couple of weeks. She’s cleaned up her stance and she keeps the heel of her stick down now. She did tell us after the scrimmage yesterday that she spent a lot of time focusing on those things. That’s what she needs to do now and eventually it will come automatically. We are so proud of her!

Her awesome stance!

She made a whole bunch of great saves. Jeff was so impressed!

Here she is receiving some instructions from coach Matt.

Erin thoroughly enjoyed both of the camps she attended this summer. She is looking forward to resting for a little while though before the season begins in a couple of weeks.

We did manage to locate the sneakers she lost at Edge camp, but her stick is still AWOL. I don’t think we’ll be seeing it again…


Edge Camp: Part II

August 5, 2010

There are two posts about Edge Camp because I had too many pictures for one post. If you haven’t read it already, start with the previous post.

The final day of camp included a scrimmage during the last ice session and a talent show at the end of the day. My in-laws and the kids and I went to see the scrimmage and talent show, but Jeff was unable to take the time off work. I took a bunch of pictures, but they don’t really do the events justice. The scrimmage was short, followed by some drills, a couple shoot-outs, and a crazy game called road kill. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time…

The kids were waiting to go out onto the ice.

Coach Morgan getting the girls psyched for the scrimmage.

The U14, U16, and U19 groups came in to the rink to cheer on the U10/U12 girls during their scrimmage. Coach Morgan introduced the starting line for each team, then they all sang the national anthem, which was pretty funny, because the older girls in the stands all sang at the top of their lungs and were very off key!

Then, the puck drop.

Part way through, the goalies switched ends.

This was some of the cheering section.

After the scrimmage, each team lined up and shot on each of the goalies.

One of the drills involved four teams of 5 girls, in which each girl would skate to the far end carrying her own stick as well as  the sticks of all the girls that went before her. In the end, the last girl had to carry 5 sticks. This was fun to watch!

The last thing they did on the ice was a game called road kill. Erin attempted to explain it, but I didn’t really get until until I saw it played out. It’s pretty basic though. The coach yells a direction and the girls skate in that direction. Then she yells one of several activities: cowboy, canoe, dance island, triangle, or road kill and the girls do the activity. The last girl(s) to do it is/are out. For cowboy, one girl gets on the ice like a horse while another sits on her back like a cowboy.

For dance Island, they get in the center circle and dance with their sticks in the air.

For triangle, they lay down on the ice in triangles of 3 girls. For canoe, they have to sit on the ice in fours, like you would in a canoe, and row with their sticks. My favorite is road kill, in which they lie down on the ice on their backs with their arms and legs up in the air.

The whole game is fast paced and absolutely hysterical to watch!

After the ice session, they went to a meeting room and presented skits and received awards for the week.

Erin absolutely loved the Edge camp. We were thrilled because she got to spend time getting to know the girls that she will be playing with this season. All but two of the girls from her team were there. A lot of attention was given to team building during the camp, so the girls should be all set to kick off a great season in a couple of weeks!


Edge Camp

August 5, 2010

As I mentioned previously, Erin tried out for and made a girls’ travel hockey team for the upcoming season. The organization has a camp each summer that the girls are encouraged to attend. Erin was thrilled to be able to go and even more so when she learned her birthday fell in the middle of camp. The camp was attended by girls ranging in age from 7 to 18. Erin’s group (U10/U12) had about 20 girls from 7 to 12 years of age.

On her birthday, I picked up a cookie cake and took it to the rink for her to share with her teammates. I also took my camera, of course!

The counselors were trying to cut the cake into 20 some pieces. They shooed the girls away when they descended, like vultures, on the cake, lol!

While the girls ate cake, I wandered and took pictures. There was no shortage of crazy poses and silliness. These girls were NOT shy!


Brian, who was working in a different camp, even stopped by to wish Erin a happy birthday. Brian works at the skate shop where Erin gets her skates sharpened and the two of them like to pick on each other.

 Erin came home from camp each day exhausted and battered, but she loved every minute of it. She sustained many bruises from pucks hitting her in places where padding was lacking. Despite the fact that her bruises look horrid, they are badges of honor. Each day she’d come home and proudly show us her latest marks.

This was taken a couple of days after the fact, but if you click on the picture once or twice, you can see the lovely bruised right knee.


Hockey Clinic

August 1, 2010

The weekend following the Boilermaker, we found ourselves headed in the opposite direction for Erin to participate in a girls’ one day clinic in Amherst. She had done a couple of one day, co-ed clinics locally, but this seemed like a great opportunity, so we signed her up. Once we got there I was a little concerned since most of the girls looked much older and more experienced. As we began to watch, my concerns grew as she seemed to be getting hammered by the older girls, letting in almost every puck shot her way. She kept at it though and her saves increased as the day wore on. I was still a bit concerned when they stopped for lunch. We waited for her to come out of the locker room to see if she would want to eat with the girls, or sit with us and eat the lunch we had brought from home. She told me she would eat with her “friends.”  We didn’t really get much of a chance to talk with her during lunch, so we really weren’t sure what she thought of the clinic so far. During the second on-ice session, she simply looked tired. At the end of that session, the coaches and staff of the organization talked to the whole group of girls encouraging them to keep on and whatnot. Afterwards, they called Erin over and talked to her for a minute by herself. Not sure what to make of it, I was anxious for her to change so we could find out. While we waited for her to change, the director of the Edge program came over and told us that he was impressed with her abilities since he knew that she had only just learned to skate about a year ago. My heart swelled with pride! She works so hard and listens so well, it was quite a treat to have someone recognize and acknowledge that. When we asked her about it on the way to the Jeep, she told us that they had told her she was doing a good job and to keep up the hard work. She’s so funny…nothing goes to her head.

Erin is a pretty care-free kid, so the level of intensity she is capable of, visible in her eyes in the next picture, is always a little astonishing to me. I think this must be a hockey thing for her since I rarely see this off-ice.

I think this picture shows well, just how little she was compared to the other girls at the clinic!

This sign was torture as we sat in the rink all day. La Nova is our favorite pizza and wing place. After the clinic was over, we did go there and get a few slices and an order of wings. YUM!


The Many Sides…

July 3, 2010

…of Erin.

It seems hard to believe that all 3 pictures are of the same person. They go a long way towards representing her personality!