Christmas 2011 and Other Stuff

December 27, 2011

I hope all had a very Merry Christmas and remembered the True reason for the season. The wondrous birth of our Saviour!

I kept meaning to put together a post, but it never seems like I never have the time. We have been so busy with work, school and hockey, that I rarely have “spare” time. The last 4 months seem like they flew by! We were in Cleveland in September, we had a tournament at home in early November, and we were in Pittsburgh over Thanksgiving weekend. I think Erin has had at least one game every weekend since late October and she is playing so well! She is loving having her own net and has managed 5 shut outs this season, two of them in the last 3 games.

My birthday was on Thanksgiving this year, and since we were going to be in Pittsburgh anyway, the one thing I REALLY wanted was to go see a Penguins game. I was rather disappointed when I saw the cost of the tickets, but at the last minute we were offered tickets at a very discounted price. The tournament organizers had purchased blocks of tickets, then randomly drew teams to offer the tickets to at cost. We were one of the teams chosen, so all the girls and their families were able to go to the game that Saturday night. We were in the oxygen seats, but it was awesome!!! The last day we were in Pittsburgh, Sarah and I got up early and went for a drive around the area. I think I have found the place I really, truly want to live…someday!

Just before Thanksgiving I got a phone call from my boss (I work per diem at a local hospital) asking me if I would be interested in another job. She told me it was another per diem position, but with regular hours. The hours wouldn’t exactly be ideal, but I could make it work. She told me she thought of me because they needed someone who could learn quickly and would be okay to work without much supervision. Apparently my boss thinks very highly of me. I was flattered that she would think of me since I have only worked for her for about 6 months. I never heard anything more about the position, until a week or so ago. I received a call asking if I could come in to talk to the manager about it. I scheduled an “interview” for the next day. About 5 minutes into our conversation she was on the phone scheduling me for training. I guess she liked me and wanted me for the position! I’m starting soon and as I understand it, this could turn into a more permanent position down the road.

We had a fairly relaxed and enjoyable Christmas this year. Poor Erin has a nasty cold, so she spent much of the day wrapped up in a blanket laying on the couch. I worked the night before, so when I got home around 6:30 I mixed up  some buttermilk pancake batter. I was about to make the pancakes when Jeff decided that the girls needed to open their presents (they were getting antsy he said). I think the truth is that Jeff couldn’t wait to see them open their presents! By the time I got back to the pancakes, the batter was VERY bubbly and the end result was some super fluffy, yummy pancakes!

We had a very Dr. Who Christmas. Erin got a bobble Tardis and a Tardis t-shirt. Sarah got a sonic screwdriver that  is a pen that can write with regular ink, or ink that only shows up under UV light. The glowy part of the sonic screwdriver is UV, so the ink shows when you shine the light on it. Now Sarah writes messages on Erin’s hands and then “reveals” them to us with her sonic screwdriver! Yes, we are all Dr. Who geeks!

At about 7:45 pm on Christmas Eve, Jeff declared that the girls needed stockings! I hadn’t purchased a single stocking stuffer, so I was at a loss. I explained to him that everything closes early on Christmas Eve, so we were probably out of luck. I also told him that we have no stockings. He suggested socks, I told him that was weird, he agreed and pointed out that WE are weird, lol! I looked around online and found that one local CVS store was open. So guess where we went? While we were there, I found some really cute (and cheap) Christmas hats, so I got one for each of the girls along with some silly putty, fruit slices, a (4 piece)Whitmans sampler, a little notepad with a weiner dog on it, and a Sally (Peanuts) ornament. We had also gotten Jammie Dodgers (British biscuits…er cookies…that Dr. Who likes to eat) for Sarah and a marzipan log for Erin earlier in the day. I put their gifts in the hats, tied pretty plaid Christmas ribbon to close them, then looped a lanyard through each one to hang them from their door knobs. Jeff thought they were pretty nifty and I thought they were stranger than socks, but more creative, and most importantly, the girls loved them!

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas morning.

This is some really cool ribbon that has led lights inside of it. I was admiring some that my mom had hung at her house, when she handed me a roll of it. Thanks Mom!

I know the train doesn’t really go with the nativity, but there it is anyway!

Yup, she was definitely excited! I think this and a t-shirt we got her with a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference were her favorite gifts.

Doesn’t she look like she’s up to no good?

Erin wearing her Christmas stocking hat.

Last, but not least, this is the wreath that Erin and I made. We got the wreath part at Price Rite for $4. Then we went to Michaels and bought about $4 worth of 50% off decorations and put it all together. I was very excited at how nice it looks and how cheap it was!!!

Perhaps I will keep up a little better with my blogging, but don’t hold your breath…


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