Team Silliness!

November 12, 2011

The girls had team pictures before practice a couple of days ago. While they were waiting for the photographer for their team picture, they did some silly things poses for me.

As the girls finished their individual pictures, they gathered to wait for a team picture. Here are a few of the girls.

Erin decided to be a turtle. Glad she doesn’t tend goal that way!


Then some of the girls piled on top of her…goalie sandwich!

Soon afterwards, Coach Morgan decided to show her own silliness.

Finally, I got the whole team, still being rather silly!

This afternoon they played a great game, coming back to tie the game at 4 after being down by 2 goals.



One comment

  1. I love the silly photos….great captures!

    it sounds like the silliness ended at gametime and the girls got their game face on! Good going!!!!

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