Hockey and College

November 9, 2011

The last weekend in October we went to visit SUNY Cortland with Erin’s hockey team. The plan was to tour the Cortland women’s hockey team locker room, have a team lunch, watch a Cortland women’s hockey game, see a bit of the campus, and then have a clinic at a nearby ice rink with some of the girls from the Cortland hockey team.

While there, the girls had a blast!

The girls got to go into the Cortland Women’s locker room and meet the coach and hear a little about the program. The little brother of one of the girls decided that he should be in the picture. He’s quite a ham! I spent a good portion of the day trying to capture another picture of him, but he is quick, so many of my pictures of him were fuzzy!

After the locker room tour, we had a while before the game, so we went to a local restaurant where we had a party room to ourselves. The girls made posters to cheer on the team and Coach Morgan painted their faces.

Coach Morgan did not paint her own face, but here she is smiling for me.

This is Blaze. He posed for me, then a short while later disappeared. I think the girls scared him away…

During the game I stood along the top rail with Morgan. It was pretty awesome to see the girls turn around to her and point out things in the game that Morgan had been working with them on in practice!

We invited a couple of the U10 girls to join us as well. They are in this picture. I love Erin’s wide open mouth in this picture, lol! She’ll probably have a heart-attack when she sees that I posted it.

Several people were convinced that this was her real hair!!! The Cortland girls noticed it while they were on the ice and said afterwards that they loved it!

Between the game and our practice, we toured the Cortland campus a bit. We didn’t get too far because this vending machine caught the girls’ attention. A couple of them even announced that they were going to go to school there because of this vending machine. I imagine that may change in the next 5 or so years…I hope.

Three Cortland ladies came out to practice with the girls at a nearby ice rink. The girls (all of them) had a great time. The Cortland girls told our girls that they were so happy to have them at the game. They loved all the cheering and celebration every time they scored. Erin had brought a small blanket into the game with her and each time Cortland scored, one of our girls would tie on the blanket like a cape and run around the walkway at the top of the rink with the rest of our girls chasing behind. It was quite a sight and the Cortland girls loved it!

It was quite a long day but all of the girls had a great time. Some of them told me they want to do it again. Good thing we have more college visits planned!

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  1. What an awesome little journey for the girls. it looks like everyone had a good time!

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