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Erin’s 12th Birthday

August 23, 2011

For  Erin’s 12th birthday, we took her and Sarah to a rock climbing place. She had spent the day at hockey camp and we weren’t sure she’d be up to rock climbing afterwards, but she was psyched to go try it out. Thanks to a Groupon, both girls got a lesson and two climbing sessions for a great price. Since Erin is not old enough to belay, Jeff also joined the lesson. He looked great wearing the silly bright blue helmet that they required him to wear for the lesson! He let me take his picture, but I promised not to post it.

Erin was paying close attention to her lesson, but she looks very worried instead of attentive.

After a fairly brief lesson, she began climbing. Check out those crazy socks!

Apparently going straight up the wall wasn’t enough of a challenge. She soon decided to try her hand at climbing in a corner, backwards.

Eventually, she decided to try bouldering. She discovered that it’s a little more difficult than it looks, so she gave me a silly pose instead…

She and Sarah both had a lot of fun. Jeff even seemed to enjoy himself as he belayed for the girls. He even thought he might like to try climbing sometime.