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Erin’s Lake Visit

August 19, 2010

Erin’s friend Katie has been staying on the lake at her Gandma’s cottage and she invited Erin to spend the night on Wednesday. Erin was so excited about going, so we met Katie’s mom yesterday afternoon after work so she could go to the cottage. Erin was so excited and she definitely had a great time!  When I went to pick up Erin  this afternoon, she and Katie were in the water, so I took a few pictures.

This was the reaction when I told Katie that she and Erin have homework for hockey. Once I told her it’s a survery, she seemed okay with it.  I still think the reaction is pretty funny!

This is Snickerdoodle, who belongs to Katie’s grandparents. Isn’t she cute? After checking us out thoroughly, she wandered around the rocks on the beach and took a couple of drinks from the lake. She is super friendly and super cute.

After I dragged Erin out of the water, I got a fantastic picture of Katie. Apparently she doesn’t have the “obnoxious camera person” reaction that I get from my own kids typically resulting  in scowling faces or goofy looks.

Katie’s grandma told me that the girls were still up and giggling at 10 last night when she went to bed, but they were sleeping when she awakened at 2 AM. She also said they had gone swimming last evening and then a couple times today, so it wasn’t surprising when Erin slept most of the 50 minutes it took us to go pick up Jeff from work.

The trip to pick up Jeff was quite an adventure! At one point I glanced at the thermometer in the Jeep which said that the outdoor temperature was 82 degrees. As we were driving along I mentioned to Kyle that there was quite the impressive  storm front moving through. A short while later the sky opened up and I could no longer see the taillights of the car directly in front of me. Both older kids asked me to pull off the road, but after totaling a car under similar circumstances in South Carolina 13 years ago, I was content to continue on at a considerably reduced rate. After about 5 minutes and maybe 2 or 3 miles, the rain let up and the temperature was reading 64 degrees. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I never would have believed an 18 degree drop in temperature over such a short period of time! I suspect at least 2 of my children have a much greater appreciation for their mother’s driving skills, lol!