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Hockey, Again

August 14, 2010

After two solid weeks of hockey, Erin wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself. She asked me if I’d take her to a skate-and-shoot, but Jeff so enjoys going with her, that we waited until the weekend, when he could go as well. Jeff is amazed that  every time she plays, she seems to improve noticeably. She seems to have moved from just stopping the puck to anticipating what will happen after she stops it. So now she will often stop both a first and second (rebound) shot, sometimes quite impressively!

Yup, she knows she’s cute!

This was a pretty cool save. She stopped it…

…then, it went plop. I thought these 2 pictures were cool together.

Not sure what Jeff found funny, but I was pretty psyched that I got a picture of him laughing…very rare capture!

At least Erin keeps a “level head” and has a “firm handle” on the ice!

They both had a blast today and both got a good workout. And I got a Sabres jacket for 50% off in the pro shop at the rink!