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August 11, 2010

I have never really made time to garden, but this year we have 3 permanent garden areas, and 2 raised beds that we put in for a cut flower garden and a veggie garden. Today I decided to photograph the garden areas. I went out around  12:30 and took 50 some pictures, only to find that the colors were horrid. It was so hot and humid that there was a ridiculous amount of moisture showing up in the pictures so all of the colors were waaaaay off! Oh yeah, and they were hazy looking. I decided to scrap that batch and instead went back out around 7:00 PM and got MUCH better pictures.

In the front garden, I used to have roses, but the kids helped me to pull them out early last week, so I replaced them. I opted to anchor it with a perennial, but fill it in with annuals, so I could change them around from year to year. Jeff was fed up with being attacked by the roses, so he is thrilled with the new plantings.

Next to the driveway in the back yard, we have a primarily perennial garden, but there is not a lot of color in it. I really like the variety of color in the foliage, but I think we’ll put in a few bulbs this fall to add a little spring color.  I seriously cut my forsythia bushes back when they were done flowering and am now trying to train them to grow up more than out, but fill in where they had gotten lean in the middle.

Pardon the weeds growing in the driveway. The driveway really needs to be pulled out and redone, but that’s major, so it’ll have to wait a while longer.

This is Kyle’s turtle statue under the forsythia.

When we first bought the house, the area behind the garage had a ton of potential, but it was a dump, literally. The kids and I cleared out brush, weeds, car parts, garbage cans, cinder blocks, and tons of other junk over the years. Once we had all the trash out, we pulled all the weeds and dug up a few small trees, and we had a beautifully cleared area. Erin really wanted her own garden, so I decided that she could have the area as her own. My mother-in-law took Erin shopping and she picked out a handful of plants to put in. It’s a tough area due to a large maple tree shading the whole area. We put down landscape fabric and covered it with several bags of mulch, then she put in the plantings and some stepping stones that we gathered from my parents woods. Now she has a fabulous little garden to relax in.

Here’s the gnome that watches over everything while trying to hide in the sliver mound.


Her impatiens have flowered all summer long.

This belongs to  my neighbors trumpet vine. It’s gorgeous, but super invasive.

In addition to all of our garden areas, I have a lilac bush I planted a couple years ago. It was stunted for a while after getting broken by the kids and a soccer ball. I finally cut off the broken part and the rest of it went nuts! It only had one flower this year, but it grew about 1.5 feet. Hopefully next year it will flower a lot more.

Here is a closer look at the buddies under the lilac bush.

Erin planted a bunch of seeds in her raised bed, but only the radishes seem to be actually growing. I didn’t know radishes had flowers…

…and I definitely didn’t know that they had seed pods!

This little beauty is in Sarah’s cut flower garden.

I can’t believe how wonderful our gardens look this year!