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Jeep Owie

August 9, 2010

This past Wednesday we went out to do a little running around, then headed to Starbucks for coffe and chai. As we pulled up to the light there was a little girl, about 10 or 11 years old, crossing the street. When she reached the corner, she pushed the button to cross the street where we needed to turn right. Jeff inched forward a touch and apparently the girl behind us thought we were going to just go, so she did. She ran into the back of the Jeep. All 3 kids were in the car, but for the most part everyone was okay. Sarah and I have sore necks, but the Dr. says they should be okay with a little time. There was a police officer in the line of traffic behind us, so he had witnessed the whole thing. The little girl made it safely across the street.

The damage to the Jeep isn’t too awful, but there is more damage than we first thought. An adjustor came out today and assessed the damages. Here’s what it looks like.

Just about 10 minutes before we were hit, I turned and Sarah was holding a free weight that Jeff had just bought. It was only 2.5 pounds, but I told her to put it down. I was thinking that it could be rather dangerous if she was holding it if we were in an accident.

The young lady¬†that hit us was driving an Alero so her car didn’t fair so well, but she was not hurt either.