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Amerks Youth Hockey Camp

August 7, 2010

After spending a week at Edge camp, Erin had the weekend to recover before Amerks camp started. Amerks camp last year was her very first organized hockey experience. She has come so far in one year! On the final day of camp there is a scrimmage, so Jeff had taken the day off in order to go.  As we were watching her, Jeff told me a couple of times, “get a picture, that’s a great stance.” He didn’t get to see her play last week, so the last time he saw her play was at the camp in Amherst. She has come quite a ways just in the last couple of weeks. She’s cleaned up her stance and she keeps the heel of her stick down now. She did tell us after the scrimmage yesterday that she spent a lot of time focusing on those things. That’s what she needs to do now and eventually it will come automatically. We are so proud of her!

Her awesome stance!

She made a whole bunch of great saves. Jeff was so impressed!

Here she is receiving some instructions from coach Matt.

Erin thoroughly enjoyed both of the camps she attended this summer. She is looking forward to resting for a little while though before the season begins in a couple of weeks.

We did manage to locate the sneakers she lost at Edge camp, but her stick is still AWOL. I don’t think we’ll be seeing it again…