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Puerto Rican Festival 5K

August 6, 2010

Kyle really wanted to run a race last weekend since he hadn’t run any races since the Boilermaker. I looked around and the only race I could find locally was a 5K that was part of the Puerto Rican festival. It was inexpensive to enter, so he decided to run it. It was a gorgeous morning for running as well as spectating.

Typically, in a race, a bicyclist or police car goes in front of the runners and leads the race to the finish line. This race was, however led with style by a guy on a Harley (there was also a police cruiser that hopped in somewhere near the start).

After the race began…

…Erin and I headed down the street and around the corner to find a spot to watch the finish. On our way, we passed this cool bench, which is part of  “Benches on Parade.”

We found a curb to sit on that offered us a nice view of the street leading up to the finish line, as well as both the finish line and the clock.

This young man, from Syracuse, was the overall winner of the race. He also happens to be Puerto Rican, which I and many of the other spectators, thought was fitting. It was rather amusing to watch him though. He was still running around the block near the finish line after Kyle finished and we were leaving. We figured he had probably run the equivalent of a marathon by that time, lol!

Notice the footwear on this guy? Or should I say lack of footwear?

Barefoot runners always amaze me. I am uncomfortable walking outside on asphalt in bare feet, I can’t seriously imagine running on it!

Kyle had a pretty good race, especially since he hadn’t run any races since the beginning of July.

The race was fun, as this was its inaugural year so it was fairly small, only 128 participants. As we were getting ready to go, several of the vendors at the festival began cooking and the food smelled awesome. Erin wanted to go into the festival, but it was getting warm and I was ready to go home. I was disappointed to learn that there was some violence that followed the close of the festival. I guess this is an ongoing problem each year. The problems this year occurred after and away from the festival, but those involved apparently had come from the festival and created quite a noisy disturbance across the city ending in violence on the opposite side of the city. Hopefully the organizers, along with the city PD can come up with some workable solution to prevent such things in the future. The race is one that Kyle intends to run again next year.