Edge Camp: Part II

August 5, 2010

There are two posts about Edge Camp because I had too many pictures for one post. If you haven’t read it already, start with the previous post.

The final day of camp included a scrimmage during the last ice session and a talent show at the end of the day. My in-laws and the kids and I went to see the scrimmage and talent show, but Jeff was unable to take the time off work. I took a bunch of pictures, but they don’t really do the events justice. The scrimmage was short, followed by some drills, a couple shoot-outs, and a crazy game called road kill. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time…

The kids were waiting to go out onto the ice.

Coach Morgan getting the girls psyched for the scrimmage.

The U14, U16, and U19 groups came in to the rink to cheer on the U10/U12 girls during their scrimmage. Coach Morgan introduced the starting line for each team, then they all sang the national anthem, which was pretty funny, because the older girls in the stands all sang at the top of their lungs and were very off key!

Then, the puck drop.

Part way through, the goalies switched ends.

This was some of the cheering section.

After the scrimmage, each team lined up and shot on each of the goalies.

One of the drills involved four teams of 5 girls, in which each girl would skate to the far end carrying her own stick as well as  the sticks of all the girls that went before her. In the end, the last girl had to carry 5 sticks. This was fun to watch!

The last thing they did on the ice was a game called road kill. Erin attempted to explain it, but I didn’t really get until until I saw it played out. It’s pretty basic though. The coach yells a direction and the girls skate in that direction. Then she yells one of several activities: cowboy, canoe, dance island, triangle, or road kill and the girls do the activity. The last girl(s) to do it is/are out. For cowboy, one girl gets on the ice like a horse while another sits on her back like a cowboy.

For dance Island, they get in the center circle and dance with their sticks in the air.

For triangle, they lay down on the ice in triangles of 3 girls. For canoe, they have to sit on the ice in fours, like you would in a canoe, and row with their sticks. My favorite is road kill, in which they lie down on the ice on their backs with their arms and legs up in the air.

The whole game is fast paced and absolutely hysterical to watch!

After the ice session, they went to a meeting room and presented skits and received awards for the week.

Erin absolutely loved the Edge camp. We were thrilled because she got to spend time getting to know the girls that she will be playing with this season. All but two of the girls from her team were there. A lot of attention was given to team building during the camp, so the girls should be all set to kick off a great season in a couple of weeks!

One comment

  1. IT looks like the camp was as much fun as it was a learning experience! That is so cool. It’s also great most of the team was there…getting to know your teammates and enjoying their company makes the team that much better and stronger, too!

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