Lazy Afternoon and Fish Woes

August 4, 2010

After our visit to Ganondagan on Sunday, we stopped at Jeff’s parents house for dinner and to allow Erin to open her birthday presents. We had a lazy afternoon, lounging and just hanging out. Jeff and I tried our hand at Wii baseball which we didn’t like and I tried Wii bowling, which I am pretty good at. Jeff’s parents have had a Wii for quite some time, but we had never really played it before. I guess it’s not really my thing. As we relaxed, I wandered and took a few pictures.

Sarah and her grandpa enjoyed the hammock.

Gorgeous hydrangea in the back yard.

One of Erin’s presents included some cell phone erasers.

My beautiful, not so little, girl.

I think Erin’s favorite gift was Dotty, who is wearing Erin’s purple shirt, also a present.

Erin also received a fish tank for her birthday. She’s been bugging us to let her get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for about a year, but one dog is enough for now. There is no doubt in my mind that she would take great care of a dog of her own, but the expense is a little more than we’re willing to take on right now. So, she asked for a fish instead. On Wednesday we filled the tank with water and treated it. On Thursday we took her to buy fish. She labored over the process, looking at all of the fish, finally settling on a neon fish and a fancy guppy. When she got home from camp on Friday, she called me in to look at the neon fish. Dreadfully, it was upside down by the intake for the filter. She suggested that maybe it was just sleeping, but I had the miserable duty of telling her that it was not. Poor kid!

While I took Erin to the store to replace the sneakers she lost at camp, Jeff called the pet store and found out that we could take the fish back the next day and they would test the water and replace the fish. On Saturday, we went to the store and spoke with an extremely helpful young woman who told us that the water was fine, but since the set up was fairly new, we should do a partial change. She also told us that the neon fish are very delicate and should not go into a newly set up tank. We pointed out the tank Erin has to the guy on Thursday and told him she has no heater for it. He told her the neon would be fine. Jeff and I were quite annoyed by the situation and apparently so was the young woman who helped us on Saturday. She said she would speak to him and she apologized to Erin repeatedly. Apparently the neon fish, which are $10, are just regular old guppies that have been injected with dye. UGH! Had I known this, I would have discouraged her from buying one in the first place. WHY would you inject a fish to look cool? I digress…the woman told Erin she could get another one, but that she would need to wait (a couple of months) until her tank was better established, or she could pick $10 worth of other fish/stuff to go in her tank. Erin, after learning about the delicateness of the neons, opted for other fish. She got 2 more fancy guppies, a thermometer, fake grass, and a candy bar (not for the fish) for the $10. Tough lesson for a kid to learn, but she’s very happy with her 3 fancy guppies. She named them Gilbert (“Get it, cuz he has gills?” she asked me), Speckles, and Dribble. She put their names on sticky tabs across the top of the tank.

Not a great picture. I think I need some practice with glass, water, bad lighting, rapidly moving fish, and 5 feet of space, lol!

I told Erin what the woman at the pet store told me about the neon fish being injected with color and she said she was glad she didn’t get another one because “that’s just wrong!” Smart kid!

One comment

  1. WHA????? Really, neons are injected with dye? I didn’t have any idea!!! Yes, indeed, Erin is smart not to get another one. That is just downright gross!

    Erin’s tank looks fantastic! I love the colored stones. Very pretty!

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