Hockey Clinic

August 1, 2010

The weekend following the Boilermaker, we found ourselves headed in the opposite direction for Erin to participate in a girls’ one day clinic in Amherst. She had done a couple of one day, co-ed clinics locally, but this seemed like a great opportunity, so we signed her up. Once we got there I was a little concerned since most of the girls looked much older and more experienced. As we began to watch, my concerns grew as she seemed to be getting hammered by the older girls, letting in almost every puck shot her way. She kept at it though and her saves increased as the day wore on. I was still a bit concerned when they stopped for lunch. We waited for her to come out of the locker room to see if she would want to eat with the girls, or sit with us and eat the lunch we had brought from home. She told me she would eat with her “friends.”  We didn’t really get much of a chance to talk with her during lunch, so we really weren’t sure what she thought of the clinic so far. During the second on-ice session, she simply looked tired. At the end of that session, the coaches and staff of the organization talked to the whole group of girls encouraging them to keep on and whatnot. Afterwards, they called Erin over and talked to her for a minute by herself. Not sure what to make of it, I was anxious for her to change so we could find out. While we waited for her to change, the director of the Edge program came over and told us that he was impressed with her abilities since he knew that she had only just learned to skate about a year ago. My heart swelled with pride! She works so hard and listens so well, it was quite a treat to have someone recognize and acknowledge that. When we asked her about it on the way to the Jeep, she told us that they had told her she was doing a good job and to keep up the hard work. She’s so funny…nothing goes to her head.

Erin is a pretty care-free kid, so the level of intensity she is capable of, visible in her eyes in the next picture, is always a little astonishing to me. I think this must be a hockey thing for her since I rarely see this off-ice.

I think this picture shows well, just how little she was compared to the other girls at the clinic!

This sign was torture as we sat in the rink all day. La Nova is our favorite pizza and wing place. After the clinic was over, we did go there and get a few slices and an order of wings. YUM!

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