Still Catching Up: Youth Harmony 5k from June 4th.

July 5, 2010

Kyle ran a race last year that had a name that was quite the oxymoron, Fight Against Violence 5k. This year, thankfully, they renamed it something long about youth harmony, much better name, but too long to remember. I had just gotten my lens back and decided to try it out.

Erin had a hockey thing the evening of the race, so I dropped Jeff and Erin at the rink, then Sarah and I took Kyle to the race. Having only Sarah with me was nice as I could stop and photograph things that the rest of the family gets impatient about. Such as…


…and a duck.

As the race participants were assembling for the start of the race, I snapped a few pictures.

These two tots had the best positions in the race, if you ask me. All the fun and none of the work!

Kyle normally has his MP3 player for races, except for those that specifically forbid them, and his Garmin. He has specific race tunes that he likes, so I guess he was getting ready with them in this picture. The young man standing next to him (mostly out of the picture) has got to be about a foot taller than Kyle so it was amusing to watch as they were talking before the race. Kyle’s head was tilted way up to hear. Apparently the guy is kind of quiet. I would have needed a ladder to talk to him, lol!

These two young ladies had run in two races that Kyle had also run the previous weekend and they are FAST! They were the top female finishers in the two previous races.

Little did I know, when I took this picture, that these would be the top 3 female finishers of the race! The woman in the background, with her hand to her face, was the top female finisher, while the two youngsters in front finished 2nd and 3rd for the ladies.

Here is the top male finisher. Kyle was chatting with him and some of his friends just before the race and them seemed pretty sure this guy would win.

Kyle in the finishing stretch.

Here are the “easy riders” again. They were smiling and waving as they passed by. Unbeknown to me, until the stroller passed, I was sitting next to the mother of one of these youngsters.

Here is a much better picture of the young woman who took the top female spot in the race. I suspect she is, or was, a college athlete. I seem to recall that she was around 21 years old. The other two young ladies, I believe, are 10 and 12.

I enjoyed snapping pictures of all the runners as they passed by, but there were waaay to many photos to post them all, so I chose the best representations of the evening. Kyle didn’t run his fastest time, but he definitely enjoyed the race.

One comment

  1. Carly, your photos just keep getting better and better! Great job Kyle!!! As I said before, it is amazing to see how varied this group was! Very cool!!!

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