Goalie Girl’s New Gear Tested

May 13, 2010

Yup, Erin tested out her new gear at a skate and shoot tonight with Jeff. She got on the ice before anyone else showed up and even before Jeff came out of the locker room. She immediately determined that in order to skate backwards, she had to stride properly, otherwise her pads were in the way.  She quickly became frustrated, feeling as though she was unable to move and also like she was wearing much heavier equipment. As far as the weight goes, she went from very cheap, beginner goal pads  to high end, well made pads with much better protection and specifically designed for butterfly goaltending. Once Jeff got on the ice and had Erin do a few exercises, she was much more comfortable. She even made a few glove saves, which she struggled to do with her old glove. By the time the skate and shoot was over, she said it went from being the worst skate and shoot, to the best. I suspect she really likes her new gear…

Unfortunately, the cold was bothering me more than usual today, so these pictures aren’t great. I was shivering as I shot them, so they are definitely not very clear.

If I hadn’t seen her flop down, I would have thought there was just a pile of equipment in the crease! Heavier equipment means more effort when getting up. Good thing she’s building up some good muscles!

Jeff took a bunch of shots on her.

The real test will be next Friday when she has a 3 on 3 session with the Edge.

One comment

  1. Very cool! Erin looks great (and BIG!) in her new equipment! I was so chilled this evening, I made a fire in the woodstove. Of course, now the windows are open, but I consider that a LUXURY!

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