Sure signs of spring…

April 24, 2010

…include road races every weekend. Kyle takes the winter off from running, then picks it up again around March. He’s been running regularly since mid March and our weekend race season has begun. He ran his first race of the year 2 weekends ago, but I wasn’t able to go because Jeff, the girls, and I were in Hamburg with Erin at a hockey tournament.

Today was the Northstar Christian Academy (NCA) 5 Miler. This is the second year they have held this race and Kyle was excited to run it again this year. All 3 kids went to NCA for 2 years, so they like to see some of the kids they went to school with, as well as some of their former teachers. The church with which the school is affiliated also hosts a race annually, so Kyle always runs that race as well. There were not a lot of participants at this race, so Kyle finished 15th, with a time of 39.18. A full four minutes faster than last year’s time!

Here are all the runners as the race began.


Here is Kyle starting out, adjusting his mp3 player.

While we were waiting for the first finishers, I took some pictures of the girls.

Mr.  Boshnack, the kids principal from NCA, ran the race in good time (he finished 2nd). He also announced several names as people finished after him, then he handed out the awards at the end. He was very busy, but stopped a moment to congratulate Kyle on a good race and tell us that he is running in a marathon tomorrow.

Some of the kids watched the 5 mile race, while waiting for the kids fun run to begin.

As Kyle came around the bend to the finish, there were 2 other runners with him. Once he could see the finish line though, he began his finishing sprint and left them behind.

About 20 minutes after Kyle finished his race, the kids race was underway. Erin opted to start on the outside edge of the group. She often feels claustrophobic whenever she finds herself in the middle of a group of people.

Running is definitely not Erin’s forte, but she likes to run whenever Kyle goes to a race that also has races for the kids. When she reached the halfway point, I was afraid she might give up.

As she passed the half-mile mark, she walked for a couple seconds, then picked up the pace into a jog. I thought for sure she was going to collapse across the finish line. She was moving pretty slowly by then and her cheeks were flaming red.

After the race she enjoyed a juice box, a carton of chocolate milk, 2 slices of pizza, a granola bar, and a shortbread cookie.

Kyle had finished 4th in his age bracket and we didn’t realize they were giving out prizes to the kids, so we were getting ready to leave when Sarah spotted her third grade teacher. She wandered over to say hi and eventually the rest of us followed her. As we were talking, they began announcing the winners of the kids races. Turns out Erin won 2nd place in 9 – 12 year old age bracket, so she got 2 tickets to a laser tag place. She was pretty excited and I was glad we stayed.


  1. Way to go Kyle and Erin!!!!!

    Sounds like both kids did a great job, Carly!!!!

  2. Congratulations to both of your kids! Great job!

    I have not been to your blog in a while but decided to come see if Kyle ran the first of the dirt cheap races on Wednesday. I thought maybe I’d see another picture of my husband! (Just kidding!) Anyway, my husband and son will be running the D.C. races this year…although my son missed the first one since he wasn’t feeling well that day.

    • Kyle planned to run the DC Series, but we forgot about the first one, and the next one is 3 days before the Lilac races, of which he plans to run both (5k and 10k). He was thinking that the 6 miles in Webster (especially on a trail) might be a bit much right before the others. He is likely to run the rest of them after that though. He’s more into road races than trail races, but would like to get better at trail racing.

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