Summer Do

April 15, 2010

Erin has been bugging me for a few days to cut her hair. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to let her have short hair. It irritates me that she won’t brush it, but I can’t bring myself to let her have it short. Well, this morning I decided I’d cut it for her after I had a chance to rest. The last several days have had me up early, running all day, and then falling into bed fairly late. Today I had to get up early, but once Jeff left for work, I didn’t NEED to do anything other than help the kids with school work.

While Erin worked on her math, I took a nap. She didn’t need my help, but I definitely needed a nap. At one point, while I was sleeping, Sarah came upstairs to ask if she could borrow my camera. In my sleepy state, it didn’t occur to me that I had it set to “no flash” because the last pictures I took were of a 6 week preemie, who was only 3 days old. I thought the flash would be a bad idea! Sarah wanted to take pictures of Joe and doesn’t really know how to work my camera, other than the obvious, aim and push a button. She knows nothing about the settings. The pictures she took were very fuzzy because the kitchen is dark and she was in the kitchen. One of them was sort of okay, so I decided to post it beecause the subject matter is rather funny!

Joe gets a little more than a full cup of high quality, grain free dog food with a Tbsp or 2 of pumpkin over the course of a day. He only weighs 16 pounds and he’s a couch potato so he really doesn’t need more than that. Oh yeah, he also gets a bite of banana every day (thank you Jeff) and several small dog treats as well. He even gets the occassional fast food burger (no bun) or pizza crust. Apparently there was a mutiny in the kitchen this afternoon! Sarah reports that Joe opened the bucket with his nose and proceeded to munch a few pieces of food before she put a lid on his fun! I suspect someone didn’t fully close the lid on the bucket. At any rate, Joe always “thinks” he’s hungry, but I think he just likes to eat…all the time! He will pathetically sit and stare at the buckets, right after being fed, if someone walks into the kitchen. He’s not spoiled or anything!

After dinner this evening, I told Erin I would cut her hair. I am by no means a hair stylist, but her hair is long and unlayered, so I usually am okay with cutting it. She told me she wanted it just about shoulder length.

This is where we started. Jeff thought a yardstick would give some perspective.

This is where we ended up. I oopsed a couple times while trying to get it even.

At first I wasn’t sure if she liked it. She looked as though she might cry and I thought perhaps I had traumatized her. In all actuality, she had really bad split ends and it needed to be cut pretty short. In fact, to get rid of the split ends, I think she’d need a cut almost as short as mine, which is too short for her, in my opinion! She took a shower and decided that she really likes the length. Whew! I think Jeff may be a bit traumatized by it, but it’s only hair; it WILL grow back, quickly!

She was watching something mildly amusing on TV. She has this incredible contagious laugh. She cracks us up all the time.

She’s even cute when she’s being rude!

I’m just glad she likes her new summer do!


  1. I love the new “do”. She looks so cute…as if she didn’t already!

  2. Great job on the haircut! She is adorable….I love it.

  3. My comment disappeared…again:~{

    As I said on the phone, I love the new “do”. It opens up her face, and her eyes are the same color as her blue T-shirt. She really is a beautiful young lady, as well as a tough-as-nails goaltender.

  4. LOVE IT. Less hair more Erin.

  5. Wow, she looks so much OLDER!!! Egads! I am so used to the long locks, but she looks terrific in her new bob!!!

    So funny about Joe…I kinda think all canines are recreational eaters…..

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