Crazy Hockey Weekend, Part III

April 14, 2010

Perhaps I should say that the “crazy” part of the hockey weekend continued after the weekend. Erin had tryouts for the Edge U12 team both Monday and Tuesday. Since she really hasn’t been playing all that long, we were unsure as to whether she had a chance of making the team, so we spent both Monday and Tuesday discussing the fact that she should not get her hopes up and that if she didn’t make the team, she would still play, just not necessarily with girls. She was elated to find, when we got home from dinner last night, that she made the team. Jeff is absolutely giddy about it! I’m trying to be excited but play it down a little, I don’t need an (almost) 11 year old with a big head! She’s just excited to be able to continue learning at that calibre. I guess I’m lucky to have a smart AND humble child! Sarah told Erin that she is very proud of her and Erin beamed; lots of sisterly love there!

Back to the (actual) weekend… On Sunday we got up at what Jeff calls “the crack of oh, my God, it’s early” and set out for Hamburg again. Joe looked as though we were abandoning him. He spent a little longer in the backyard doing his business as if to say that he was not happy with us. After dragging him into the house, we were off. We stopped at a different Wilson Farms for ice and I was pleasantly surprised by the cheerful cashiers. We made decent time and got to Hamburg right at 8 AM. The rest of the team arrived a short time later and the girls got ready to hit the ice for game 3. They played Monroe County. I was a little surprised because I didn’t know we had another girls team in the county. Jeff and I are so out of it when it comes to youth hockey. He last played for the Junior Amerks in ’93/’94 as their one over-ager. Since then, we’ve not followed youth hockey at all and boy have things changed (not a bad thing)! The Monroe County girls seemed bigger and older and they were a challenge for our girls. The final score was 4 to 1 but our girls really worked hard!

Nicole needed another inch in leg length!

One goal!

See how much bigger they look? I would have been intimidated! Our girls just seemed to go out there with no fear or intimidation at all.

After they played Monroe, they only had about an hour before they needed to get ready for their last game. Erin was to play in the final game. We went to the Jeep and she had a snack and a drink and I uploaded pictures from the previous game, then back in we went. The last team they would play was West Seneca. The girls on that team were definitely smaller than the previous team, but I was a little concerned because the girls looked so tired after the 3rd game. I wondered how they would get through the last one with so little time to recover. Apparently they only APPEARED tired. They did really well and won the game. Erin had a blast the whole weekend. She loved being with the girls and cheering them on from the bench when she wasn’t playing. She commented on Saturday, after the game in which she didn’t play, that it was really cool to watch a hockey game from that close! Jeff and I thought it was pretty cool that she had such a good time while riding the bench. She definitely has that team spirit, as do all of the girls!

I love Erin’s “air conditioning.” I ask her if her legs ever get cold, but the answer is always, “Mom, it’s hot in all that equipment!”

I love the focus on all 3 of their faces.

One on six? Now, that’s confidence!

As we were leaving the rink, I requested that Jeff take a detour through the parking lot of the VFW post near the rink. They had a plane, a helicopter, and a tank that were begging to be photographed, hehehe! Since there was a helicopter, he obliged. My back was so sore from all the standing, that I opted to take my pictures from the Jeep. I did open the sunroof and pop through for a couple of the pictures. That must have looked funny; I’m sure the cop watching from across the street thought so! I didn’t notice him until AFTER I had popped through the roof. WOW! Good thing that the older I get the less I care what people think of me. I am who I am and if you don’t like who I am, I’m okay with that! I digress…aircraft! I found out that the helicopter is an AH-1 Cobra, or HueyCobra.

My mom and Jeff both really like helicopters, so these pictures are for them…

While stopped at a red light in Hamburg, this clock caught my attention. I had time to fire off one shot before the light changed.

Since we were in the Buffalo area anyway, we headed up to Sheridan Ave. to see what Great Skate might have for goal pads. Erin’s leg pads are about 4 inches too short, so we have been looking around to see who has what. I imagine we’ll wait until all of us have enhanced photo ID’s so we can check out Reids before we decide to buy. Maybe it’s just nostalgia, but we haven’t been to Reids in ages. In fact, we haven’t been to Canada in ages…. That will change soon enough!


  1. Congratulations, Erin! Way to go!!!!

    Love the copter shots, Carly! Two nights ago, I was upstairs on the laptop. I heard a plane that sounded soooo close. As I got up to look out the bedroom window, I caught sight of a wing, not more than maybe 50 feet above the tree!!!! FREAKY!!!!!

    • I expect to see planes that low above my back yard, but that is really freaky at your house. The big military transport choppers are the only thing I find disturbing here and then only because they shake the whole house when they fly over!

  2. They must remind Jeff of his grandparents’ house in Lee Center, on a main flight path for Griffiss AFB.

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