Crazy Hockey Weekend!

April 11, 2010

I am not sure how many posts this will take, but here goes! Erin has been playing with a girls team for the last month or so, and they had a tournament in Hamburg this weekend. They had two games on Saturday and two games on Sunday. Instead of trying to get Joe to the kennel and find a hotel and all the stuff that goes with that, we decided we’d travel back and forth. It’s only about an hour and twenty minutes from our house to Hamburg and the weather was nice, so it really wasn’t bad. On Saturday the girls’ first game was against Hamburg. They played really well and won handily. Here are a bunch of pictures from that game.

The fight over the puck below was right after a face off. I got a series of pictures of the struggle that I thought was pretty neat. The end result is that our girls came up with the puck!

Post scoring congratulations.

More fist banging after another goal!


Erin had an incredible defense in front of her, so she had to try to stay warm and focused without seeing many shots. In retrospect it was probably a good thing. Erin gets motion sickness fairly easily in the car, so with trips taking more than an hour, we typically give her dramamine. It didn’t occur to me until well after she took it that it tends to make one drowsy. When she was warming up before the game we were a bit concerned because she didn’t seem to be herself. About midway through the game it occurred to me what must have happened. I’m glad her defense was in good form! The picture below is one of a series of shots as she was rolling her head and neck to try to stay loose. It looks as though she is praying for something.  With only 12 seconds left in this game, she let in one goal. Not too shabby for a sleepy goalie. NO more dramamine the day of a game!

I will post more about the weekend tomorrow. I am exhausted from the weekend and we have a busy day tomorrow as well.

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