First Hockey Game

April 4, 2010

Erin has been practicing and attending skate and shoots, but recently she was invited to practice with a girls team and they just had their first games this weekend. I think I was probably more nervous than she was, but all went well and she had a great time.  They team played two games, but Erin only played in one of them. The games were scheduled for 10 AM and 2 PM. The team they played was a bit older, and the girls had a bit more experience, but our girls were troopers and played their hearts out! Their coach was very patient with them and super encouraging! Thank you Coach!

Between the games, the two teams had pizza together. It was rather amusing that they ate in the same room at tables as far from each other as possible. No mingling between teams here! After they ate, all the Edge girls went outside and played on the MCC field across from the rink. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, albeit a bit too warm for my liking, so they had a ton of fun playing and enjoying each others company.

Here is Erin warming up for her game.

Here she is during the game.

This is a rather bizarre picture…I had the shot of Erin in focus, but as I finished depressing the button to take the picture, someone skated between us…I think it’s kind of cool!

I didn’t take very many pictures of the game because the conditions for photographing the game were lousy! The glass surrounding the rink is pretty beat up and there is netting all the way around the top of the glass. Unfortunately, that means I would have had to have been on the bench to take decent photos. Oh, well. Perhaps next weekend will afford better opportunities.

After their pizza and juice, the girls played duck, duck, goose and “Mother, May I?” on the field.

While the girls played “Mother, May I?” there was a lot of jumping…

…or perhpas thinking about jumping?

The youngster above is the youngest on the team at 7, but she skates great and shows NO fear! She was fun to watch, as were all the girls. They did a fantastic job for their first time in a game together. For many of the girls it was there first time ever in a game. They didn’t score, but it didn’t matter, they worked hard and had fun doing it! 

Coach Rippon found a teachable moment while the girls were trying to figure out what to play next, and showed them a couple things to think about on the ice during the second game. Thanks to great coaching and willing spirits, the girls did show improvement in the second game.

The goalie girls! They rocked! Both of them stopped far more shots than they saw, and I imagine they both slept well after the games. Erin only played in the one game, but the other young lady played out for the first game and then played goal for the second game.

Next weekend the girls are scheduled to play 4 games at a tourney in Hamburg.  It should be a lot of fun!

One comment

  1. That is totally cool that the girls were able to have some fun both on the ice as well as off the ice! It looks like they really enjoy playing together…that’s great!

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