Easter Sunday Morning

April 4, 2010

We didn’t do a whole lot today, but I took a lot of pictures, so I figured I should break up the day into two posts. So here is the morning, next will be the afternoon. But first, I must tell you about last night…

Yesterday was so crazy that Jeff and I both fell into bed fairly early. Our bedroom is in the attic, so it reaches insane temperatures on hot, sunny days. Yesterday the area saw record high temps, near 90 degrees F. Unheard of this time of year here! When we got home from the rink, our bedroom had to be near 90. I took a brief nap, then decided that the air conditioner might be a good idea. Last year, it started making an awful noise, but the repair guy couldn’t find a problem. I thought perhaps it didn’t like sitting on carpet (it’s portable), so Kyle found a board in the basement to set it on. I orchestrated, while Jeff and Kyle installed the blasted thing.  It worked fine, until I plugged in the vent hose, then awful noises were heard. I put a piece of paper near the port, wondering if it was the hose connection or something else, only to have the plastic fan blades  begin breaking and come flying out of the exhaust port! YIKES!!!! We gave up, opened the skylight all the way, took down the shade, and installed a fan (set to exhaust) on the opposite side of the room. Thankfully, the then 62 degree F temps outside, blasted into our room and quickly cooled it off. Then, we fell into bed from sheer exhuastion (around 11…rather early for us)!

I digress…the early bedtime meant rising rather early. We were both hungry, so we went out and grabbed some quick food, then came home quickly. I had plans for the kids! My mother-in-law bought Erin some raised beds to plant veggies and flowers in, but the place we wanted them to go in the yard is quite uneven. I asked Kyle if he would be willing to remove the grass and a little dirt to try to level it out. He enlisted Sarah’s help and soon the 5 of us were outside. Oh the five included Joe, not Jeff. Jeff goes outdoors in the spring as little as humanly possible due to horrible springtime allergies!

Our lawn has many random areas where chunks of concrete are buried a few inches below the grass. We dug several chunks up, near the garage, last spring thinking they may have made up a sidewalk…not the case. I had the kids leave the chunks in place, so nobody would stumble into the ditch and get hurt.

As the kids dug near the house, I had them move the sod chunks to replace the concrete near the garage.

Looks much better and it’s much safer now!

Sarah was jumping on the transplanted sod to make sure it was where it should be and packed in well… You MUST enlarge this picture to get the full effect. Look at her feet in relation to the ground. Can you tell she’s a dancer? Straight up, legs straight, body straight, tons of air! I laughed pretty hard when I uploaded this picture.

Kyle dug up and moved the majority of what needed to be removed. He quickly decided this was the preferred method of moving the grass…

…rather than this.

Sarah did her fair share…

…of standing around contemplating …

…and working, until…

…she stole my lawn chair!

Meanwhile, Erin got creative…

…until she skinned her knuckle.

I know you can’t see the skinned knuckle in the above photo, but I thought it was a cute picture anyway. She went inside to wash and put a band-aid on it, but Jeff was in the shower so she couldn’t run water (old pipes, badly controlled water flow). She came back out with a clean tissue wrapped around it, like this…

It’s her flower finger! Kyle, not paying close attention to the whole exchange, asked her if she had skinned two fingers, since she was holding two fingers up. She rolled her eyes, looked at him, and explained that she had skinned the first knuckle on her middle finger, and it would be rude to just hold that one up for the camera! I just about fell out of my chair laughing. She is right…it would have been very rude, and I NEVER would have taken the picture! Smart kid!

Joe thoroughly enjoyed his time outdoors with us! He sniffed around and even rolled in a worm he found (YUCK)!

Then he posed showing me his good side…

…then his better side!

He even convinced Sarah to stop working and scratch his belly. Tummy rubs are one of his favorite things. He’s not spoiled or anything!

His final pose looked so snobbish, that I thought I’d try to make it look more dignified than snobby by desaturating it. I guess it makes a nice portrait.

While the kids were working, a couple of critters caused interruptions in their work. ALL work ceased when this guy showed up on the scene.

Kyle has been stung multiple times by bees, and is therefore, very wary of them. Sarah has never been stung, which is a bit firghtening, considering her many allergies. She is therefore, also very wary of them. I just like to photograph them and really have no fear of them at all. I’ve been stung a few times, but I survived without incident (other than much crying when I was little and got stung)!

This silly bird halted the kids’ progress as well. It was apparently cleaning dead grass out of the gutters and dropping it to the ground, from right over the kids’ heads! Then it would cock it’s head and watch. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it knew what it was doing.

All three kids really did get a lot accomplished towards leveling the area for the raised beds. We only had about an hour and a half to spend at it, but they managed to almost completely clear one of the two areas that needed clearing! Erin was cracking me up. She was going to use the edger to split a piece of sod when I decided to take her picture. She thought it would be funny to hide behind the edger…now she is skinny, but not THAT skinny, lol!!!

Here she is checking out the Easter Lily that her grandma got her.

This is the area they got leveled. They need to go back a little more toward the house, then it should be good enough.

Now that this post is ridiculously long, I will leave you with one more picture. I found these in the middle of my yard and thought they were pretty…

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  1. Wow, looks like the work crew had fun and accomplished a great deal as well! That is so funny about the bird…smart little sparrow. And Joe had some fun time outside as well! What a good little boy! Great photos, Carly. Those little purple flowers are violets…or wood violets. I love them and if you look closely at their leaves, you will see they are little “hearts”!

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