Easter Sunday Dinner

April 4, 2010

After our backyard work this morning, described in my previous post, we went over to Jeff’s parents for dinner. We arrived shortly after 1 PM and ate around 1:30 or 2 PM. The spread was awesome.

There were little potatoes, two variaties of lamb, roasted veggies…


…and fruit salad.

There were also deviled eggs, green beans, and a variety of toppings and other things that I can’t really remember at the moment. It was a yummy meal! For dessert we had a lemony marscipone brie with raspberries or goat cheese on crackers.

After we ate, the weather was so gorgeous that we sat on the 3 season porch and visited while Erin soaked in the hot tub. She was a bit sore after her hockey adventures of the last few days.

I never would have said that Erin and Sarah look much alike, but I can definitely see the resmeblence in this picture!

This is a really cool wind thingy that is hanging in a tree in the backyard.

My mother-in-law puts bird seed out on the deck railing and in a muffin pan on the glider rocker on the deck. The birds, squirrels, and chipmunks love to come visit.

After eating for a little bit, the squirrel noticed me. He cautiously kept eating, with one eye on me.

Check out the cheek pouches on this chipmunk!

Just before we decided that it was time to go home, the kids started going through Jeff’s old hockey sticks to see if any of them were worth saving. A very small number of them came home, but most of them wound up in the trash. As we were in the Jeep, ready to leave, I mentioned that the garbage can looked funny. Jeff commented that every one of those sticks had a story. He had shared some of those stories as the kids were sorting through them. I suppose in a way it’s a little sad, but I suppose life goes on, and there are lots of other memories, not related to hockey sticks. Those stories related to the sticks will certainly last longer than the sticks did anyway!

We had a lovely relaxing day. The weather was beautiful, with the sun shining and the temperature hovering in the mid 60’s. Perfect for sitting on my in-law’s porch!


  1. Glad you had a good time today. We did, too! It really was a lovely day.

  2. Oh my…that food looks so yummy. Now my stomach is rumbling! It looks like a very relaxing time spent together. Erin seems to have found a perfect place to relax! Love the photos of the birds and squirrel!

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