Around the House

March 31, 2010

Yesterday I wandered through the house and took a few pictures of the girls rooms and Erin’s “garden.”

Sarah didn’t want to be photographed.

Erin, however, really didn’t mind.

Sarah is a collector of many things.

The horses on top of her bookcase are horses that I collected when I was quite young. I gave them to the kids when they were fairly small and I am amazed that they are still around. A couple of them are probably close to 30 years old!

Sarah has quite the collection of musical things as well. The box to the right of her keyboard is a guitar, while the box underneath contains a ukulele.

As I was taking pictures, Joe was whining at the bottom of the stairs. As I moved from Sarah’s room to Erin’s room, I peeked down the stairs and found Joe on the lower landing. He isn’t allowed upstairs, but sometimes he tries…

Erin loves her new room even though it is quite small.

Erin is quite creative. She made a whole bunch of these angels…


 …and made this very cool picture with pastels.


This picture was on a shelf on the bottom of her easel when we moved her into her room. I thought it should be framed, so I found a framed picture that was in the house when we bought it. I had stashed the framed picture thinking it was an okay picture, but not really my style. Erin’s picture was the same size, so I put her picture in the frame instead. She was absolutely thrilled!

Although Sarah’s creativity usually comes out more in the form of music, she does occassionally draw and create on paper. These are on her door.

Finally, I went downstairs and photographed Erin’s garden that seems to keep expanding through my dining room. She is studying botany this year and has decided that she really likes it, so she has been planting seeds from all sorts of foods. She even planted seeds from the wild bird seed we bought to feed the birds at the park.


  1. Ah, a grand tour of the house! I really like the way Sarah has her collectibles arranged. Very nice!
    Erin looks like she is making the most of her room, too! Love the angels and the framed artwork! Great job! From the look of things, if Erin keeps it up, you can harvest the goodies right there in the house! hehehe (Erin needs a little garden in the back yard!)
    Hey, where are Kyle’s turtles???

  2. Oh, and that is a really cute picture of Joe!! He looks so cute!!! Look at that FACE!

  3. Wow those are great angels that Erin created! It is nice that they are personalizing their rooms.

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