Half-Day Trip

March 28, 2010

I love day trips, but lately it hurts to sit for too long, and forget walking. I am good for about 3 or 4 short blocks, or about 1/2 the length of an average mall. I simply begin to hurt and no combination of sitting/standing/walking alleviates the pain once it begins. Lying down helps, but I imagine laying down on a bench in a mall or on a street somewhere might bring a few curious glances and maybe even a law man or two, LOL! In light of all this, we now take 1/2 day trips. It works best when I combine short jaunts with sitting in the Jeep, which has incredibly comfortable seats. It also has a large enough back seat that if I needed to, I could lay down.

Yesterday I took the very short drive to Starbucks for my morning chai, when I discovered that it was positively gorgeous outside, albeit a bit chilly. I hurried (a relative term) home to see if Jeff would be willing to go to Buffalo so I could take some pictures of the awesome buildings in down town. I have wanted to do this for some time now, but we wanted to go without the kids, as getting in and out of the Jeep repeatedly is much easier with just the two of us. The kids find it somewhat boring as well. When I woke Jeff up (at 10:30) he was okay with the idea, so after puttering around the house for a couple more hours, we set out for Buffalo. The kids had spent the previous night at my in-laws so we were off by ourselves.

Upon arriving, we headed to the waterfront to see what was there. We ususally go to the naval and servicemens’ park, but I saw a sign for an Irish Famine Memorial that raised my curiosity. We checked it out and I even took some pictures, but those will be in another post…

I love the city hall building. It is huge and angular and very cool to photograph. From the park, I took a couple pictures of it. This was my favorite.

From the park, we headed into down town to find a spot to park that would get me fairly close to Niagara Square. As we were driving around, this guy begged to be photographed.

Fortunately, we were stopped at a red light and Jeff agreed offered (he’s learning) to watch the light while I took the photo.

We eventually found a place to park on Deleware, just south of Niagara Square. As we parked, Jeff looked through the sunroof and decided this would be a cool picture.

He thought the things on top of the building looked like the feet on a transformer. I have to agree, but I probably wouldn’t have photographed it myself, lol!

We headed north on Deleware and I had to take more pictures of city hall. I hope I don’t bore you…

City Hall looks out onto the McKinley monument, which was commissioned in 1907, to honor our 25th president, who was fatally shot while visiting Buffalo in 1901.

As I looked around the square (which is actually a circle) I found many buildings with interesting architectural features.

The clock tower on the building above was awesome. I took several pictures of it from various angles. At first I assumed it was a steeple on an old church, but upon closer inspection, I realized there weren’t any of the usual religious icons that appear on church steeples. With a little research, I discovered it to be the clock tower of the building which houses the Supreme Court.

Also in Niagara Square, is this cool piece of history.

I couldn’t really find any information on it in a cursory search online, but I believe it is sealed until 2046.

After walking around the square (circle) a bit, I wanted to get a closer look at a building that caught my attention because of a Statue of Liberty replica on top of it. In an effort to get closer, we wandered down Niagara Street and this squirrel posed for me.

It was rather amusing. Jeff said something along the lines of oh, look, there’s a squirrel. Apparently the squirrel thought that was its cue to hop up on the wall and put its right forelimb across its chest and stare, as if waiting for me to snap its photo.

I then saw this.

As we turned onto Franklin Street, I found the building I was seeking. The Liberty Buidling, which is actually on Main Street, is visible, across a parking lot,  from Franklin St.

Finally, we headed up Court St. back to Niagara Square. I was not aware that Buffalo has several buildings that house various parts of the court system. I found a lot of very cool entryways as we walked along.

All in all I think I only walked about a 1/4 mile, so it was quite nice. I did manage to take about 85 pictures in the process though! There are many more pictures to share, but this post is long enough. So come back later, or maybe tomorrow, for more…


  1. Great photos. Glad we could keep the kids. Don’t think they minded, though Kyle did say he wants to have his picture taken while sitting on the stone “sofa” in Forest Lawn. Maybe next trip…
    Erin fed many waterfowl at the bay, but I didn’t take any pictures, due to the high winds and my frozen fingers.

  2. Cool photos, Carly! I have decided I could probably spend weeks and weeks in downtown Bflo taking pictures. That city has some really phenomenal architecture. I think the best way to photograph the city is to break it into blocks and hike along the sidewalks. Lucky you to have in-laws to watch the kids. My kids HATE my “photo excursions”.

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