Catching Up

March 13, 2010

Time seems to get away from me. I was going through the pictures on my memory card and realized it has been awhile since I uploaded pictures. I thought I’d share what I found on the card.

At Erin’s last fall/winter hockey practice, I took some not so great photos through the glass. Normally I sneak onto the bench to take pictures, but someone usually comes along and kicks us off the benches…something about safety concerns. Like these little kids who can barely coordinate skating and stick handling are going to apply enough force to lift a puck, let alone put it over the boards! Anyway, I was unhappy with the pictures, but I did find this one that I love. This little munchkin was so adorable with the jersey all the way to his skates!

What I found so amusing, other than the obvious, is that this little one seems to have no fear. The bigger kids will be struggling to get a puck and this one will get right into the thick of it, apparently not caring that the other kids are much bigger.

Last weekend, Erin announced that it would be a perfect day to go to Buffalo. She wanted to go to Niagara Falls. Although it was a beautiful, bright, sunny day, the temperature never exceeded 35, so we decided the Falls might be a little too chilly. Instead we went to the Galleria and walked around a little, then we went to our favorite pizza joint, LaNova, for dinner. On the way to LaNova, which is in downtown Buffalo, I took the long route through the city streets. Buffalo is an old city with absolutely incredible architecture. Unbeknownst to my family, I planned to stop and snap a few photos. As I was driving through a rather questionable neighborhood, I saw this gorgeous church poking up above the other buildings. I really wanted pictures of the buildings downtown, but I couldn’t pass up this church.

By the time I finished taking pictures of the church, it was getting really close to sunset and we still weren’t that close to downtown. I managed one more picture, but the sun had already set too low in the sky. I also had to take the picture through the windshield while stopped at a red light. All things considered, I don’t think it is too bad.

Oh, I almost forgot to post the snow pictures! We got quite a storm a couple weeks ago. Here is what it looked like after some of the snow had melted.

The Tuarus (white car) is facing the south and I took these a couple days after the snow finally ended, so what was there had melted some, compacted a lot, and the kids had moved quite a lot of it.

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