Birds and Such

February 15, 2010

After seeing my pictures from our outing to Mendon, Jeff commented that he wished he could have gone with us. Yesterday seemed like a nice enough day, so I suggested that we go feed the birds. We set out in the early afternoon and were a little disappointed by the number of cars in the parking lot when we arrived. But we set out anyway, searching for little winged creatures to feed. There was a bit of a breeze which, when combined with 29 degree (F) temperatures, made for an uncomfortable walk. We went to the location that I normally go and there were no birds. We stopped and listened and didn’t even hear any! Eventually, we found a spot with several people posing as human bird feeders. Jeff and the kids put out their hands and waited. Apparently the birds liked Jeff, as he had ten little chickadees and one titmouse visit his hand. I’ve been playing with the settings on my camera and as a result I got some iffy results. Here is what I got and deemed share-worthy…

After we had finished feeding the birds, we began walking back to the Jeep, when this creature poked it’s head out to retrieve some seeds that someone had left. I stopped abruptly when I saw it, but as we stood there, it would only poke it’s head out far enough to retrieve a few seeds, then it would retreat out of sight into the hole in the snow. I really have no idea what it was. It seemed too long and lacking in external ear parts to be a mouse. The only distinguishing feature I could see was a tiny pink nose. This picture is awful, but like I said, it didn’t come out far and we didn’t dare try to get any closer…


  1. Hey, my comment disappeared! Earlier today, I wrote that I was glad Jeff got the chance to visit the bird trail, but warned you that he may soon start asking for another parrakeet!

    • With all the allergies in the house, we decided a bird would be bad. They are also more work than any of us are willing to put in.

  2. So cool you went back again! I have thought about it a few times, but seems our schedules trip us up all the time!!!

  3. Oops…I forgot to say that oles have ugly pink noses!!!

  4. gads!!! MOLES not oles!!!

  5. Yep it’s most likely a mole. My dogs like to eat them…that’s the part that grosses me out – blech!

    • Mmmm, extra protein! When I was a kid, my Irish Setter used to toss moles into the air to play with them. Then she’d nose them when they fell to the ground and stopped moving as if to say “why won’t you play with me some more?” I imagine she probably ate a few, but I never saw her do it.

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