February 9, 2010

For the last couple of days I have become overwhelmingly tired midday. I have been napping in the middle of the day, then I have to rush to get dinner on the table. Today I took a nap around 3:45, much too late in the day to actually nap and still get dinner made. I bought pork chops the other day and planned to make those for dinner, so I didn’t figure I’d need a lot of time for that. Jeff gets home around 5:30, so I thought if I napped until 5, I could get up, rush, and have dinner ready by 6.

Well, in my mind it worked out great, but my mind was no longer thinking clearly at 5 when the kids woke me from a sound sleep. I got up, got on the computer, read e-mail, checked out the latest on facebook, and suddenly realized I should be making dinner! I went downstairs and noticed the bread machine out of its usual location, but didn’t think too much of it since I had told Kyle to MAKE bread if he didn’t like the bread I had bought. So, I enlisted the help of Erin and began making dinner. She cut up broccoli, I cut up the pork while the rice cooked, and I got the pans going to make two different recipes (from jars)  of Indian food. One hot curry recipe for Jeff and Kyle and a milder coconut dish for Sarah and Erin. Jeff came home while I was cutting up the meat and after observing the pork asked what I was eating for dinner. I won’t knowingly eat pork except for the occassional bacon on a cheeseburger. However, if the bacon falls out of the burger, I won’t eat it. I really hate pork…in fact, I think it is disgusting, but I digress… Oh, I had left over beef roast and garlic smashed taters from the night before along with a heaping helping of broccoli. It was very yummy. The rest of the family enjoyed their dinner as well. In fact, Erin ate more than half of what I made for her and Sarah. I have never seen her put away quite that much food. If only I had half of her metabolism!

As we were finishing dinner, a buzzer sounded. I immediately took inventory in my sad, still not fully alert brain trying to figure out what I forgot to remove from the heat and put on the table, when Kyle announced “the doughnut dough is ready.” After choking, I asked him if he was even remotely aware of the work that goes into making doughnuts… Dumb question, he’s a 17 year old boy! All he knew about doughnuts is that they taste good and he had a recipe to make them. Now, Kyle is very good about safety, but there is something unsettling about a large pot of oil, a gas stove, and a 17 year old at the controls. Yeah, I fried doughnuts! Yay! I don’t even like doughnuts. Kyle apologized several times after realizing how much goes into making them and not asking if I was okay with it beforehand. I told him it was okay, I had never fried doughnuts before and it really wasn’t that bad.

Here are the fruits of our labor. They really turned out more like fried dough than doughnuts, but I actually like them better than doughnuts.

Yes, they are heart-shaped. Erin even got creative and made dog bones and teddy bears. Hearts are the only cutters I have with multiple sizes. I guess with Valentine’s Day so close, hearts make sense.

It seems like I fried a lot more than what is shown above. I guess the kids must have had a few before I took the pictures, lol! At least we know that Sarah can eat them and not get sick! She hasn’t had a doughnut in ages, since most places use peanut or soybean oil now.

One comment

  1. Well, Lazybones!!!! hehee….Those look very good! And kudos to Kyle for trying something new!!! Guess if one is going to be an instigator, it should be for something yummy, eh? And it sounds like the kids all had some fun with this project!

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