Nina, Pinta, and Pittsburgh

November 12, 2009

After Kyle, Sarah, and I took a very thorough tour of Slippery Rock University, we all set out for Pittsburgh. It was a beautiful day for a ride in the car. As we got close to the city, I pulled out the camera, very excited to take pictures of a “new” place. While looking for a place to park, this caught my eye.

batter statue

We finally found a place to park near where we wanted to go. As we started walking towards the riverfront, I glanced up and just had to take a picture of Charlie Tuna smiling down on us!

Charlie Tuna

This is the the reason we went to Pittsburgh in the first place…


pinta mainsail


rigging 2




These are replicas of the Nina and Pinta. They are really cool ships! For more information, go here.

The ships were right near Heinz Stadium and PNC Park. The views across the river were awesome. As I stood there looking across the river, I was impressed with a few things.


This is 1000 Grandview Avenue. I stood for a long time trying to figure out what the building was, then I blew up this photo trying to figure it out. Finally, I looked it up this morning and found out that it is a 62 unit condo complex. I could definitely live there! No yard, but an amazing view and no worries of anything being built to obstruct that view!

1000 grandview

cool building

I like the building with the funky top in the back right.

Pittsburgh 11-09 004

I am not a football fan, but I took this from the ramp garage in which we parked and I thought it was a cool picture.


Try as I might, I was not able to convince my mother-in-law to drive through this tunnel. I abslutely love driving through tunnels. I think they are really cool. This particular tunnel also holds some fond memories for me. As a child, I went with my grandparents to visit my uncle when he was attending a school in Pittsburgh. That was the first time I had ever been to Pittsburgh as well as my first time in a tunnel. I did get a cool picture of it at least!


This is part of a Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I thought these were really neat statues.

vets statue

One comment

  1. Great shots of an interesting city!!

    We take the Lehigh Valley Tunnel when going down to Philly. It is pretty long! Amazing they can build like that under a mountain!

    Goodness. Now I am wanting to visit Pittsburgh. I will still cheer for the Sabres, tho!!!!

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