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Prime Outlets Grove City

November 11, 2009

After visiting the campus of Slippery Rock University, we went to check out the outlet mall nearby. Kyle, Sarah, and I are going to head back over to the campus this morning to get a tour, which they apparently do every morning and afternoon.

Even though this picture is lousy, with a nasty glare, I found the message amusing for a beautiful, unusually warm autumn day.

bad weather sign

Okay, I realize the weather is odd and unseasonally warm, but a lit Christmas tree?

lit tree

Sarah was pouting at me about something…

pouty sarah

Kyle, annoyed with my picture taking, suddenly stopped on the sidewalk, while my camera was neatly tucked away inside my bag, and said demanded that I take a picture of the little birds.

little bird

After the mall, we went to a great restaurant for dinner. I took pictures of the outside because the kids said it is too embarrassing when I take pictures inside restaurants and things, but it was quite dark and they did NOT turn out well. I will snap a couple this morning as we go by and hopefully they will be better.

The big kids and I are off for a campus tour now. Then down to Pittsburgh!