November 6, 2009

Erin decided about a year or so ago that she really wanted to be a hockey goalie. We purchased her equipment over time, making sure that she really wanted to be a goaltender. Hockey is not a cheap endeavor, and goal equipment is ridiculously expensive. She went to a camp over the summer and loved it. We signed her up for a developmental league for this year. She has practices twice a week, but no actual league games. They typically scrimmage at the end of practice. She is learning so much and I am amazed each week as I watch and see how much she learns and improves with each session.

I usually watch her from the warmth of the observation areas upstairs, but today I watched from the players bench so I could take a bunch of pictures. Mostly I wanted to take pictures so she could see what she is doing right and what she needs to work on.

Here are a couple of the best shots…

warm up

in net



I have finally warmed back up from this adventure. Erin is so excited about playing hockey and she is really doing well!


  1. Great photos of a great little goalie! Can’t wait to see her practice again soon.

  2. whoa – she looks like the real deal! Awesome for Erin! Go Girl Goaltenders!!!!!

  3. Very cool! Literally, and otherwise!!!

    It looks like Erin is having fun and that is what it’s all about! She looks great and your photos are fabulous!

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