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November 6, 2009

Erin decided about a year or so ago that she really wanted to be a hockey goalie. We purchased her equipment over time, making sure that she really wanted to be a goaltender. Hockey is not a cheap endeavor, and goal equipment is ridiculously expensive. She went to a camp over the summer and loved it. We signed her up for a developmental league for this year. She has practices twice a week, but no actual league games. They typically scrimmage at the end of practice. She is learning so much and I am amazed each week as I watch and see how much she learns and improves with each session.

I usually watch her from the warmth of the observation areas upstairs, but today I watched from the players bench so I could take a bunch of pictures. Mostly I wanted to take pictures so she could see what she is doing right and what she needs to work on.

Here are a couple of the best shots…

warm up

in net



I have finally warmed back up from this adventure. Erin is so excited about playing hockey and she is really doing well!