Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

October 29, 2009

On Tuesday Jeff had a birthday. That morning I, unfortunately, had to have some allergy testing done. Having never had that done before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I am still getting hives from time to time where I was tested on my arm. After the testing, all I wanted to do was sleep.

I did manage to throw some corned beef into the crockpot before taking a nap though. When I awakened, I remembered that I had forgotten to get cabbage, so we ran to the store and got some. I then made Jeff’s cake. When I asked what he wanted, all he told me was pineapple. I made a white cake in two layers, and made some pineapple yummy (filling) to go between them. Oh, he also told me that he is not fond of butter cream frosting, so I found a recipe for creme fraiche frosting, so I made that instead. The whole thing was rather yummy. I had gotten the Wall-E and Eve figures ages ago and somehow managed to hide them until I finished the cake. (He really likes Wall-E)


Today I was feeling rather industrious, so I made a grape pie with the filling my mom had given me. I tried an oil based crust which turned out fabulous! We had a little left over frosting from Jeff’s cake, so we put that on top of our pieces of pie and it was delicious! I also made pumpkin muffins to try to use up some left over pumpkin I made  last week. I also used the left over crumb topping from the grape pie for the muffins. Good stuff! As I baked, Joe (aka Hoover) looked on keeping an eye on the floor in case he was needed for clean-up duty.

new bed


Once I finished baking, I made curried, pecan crusted pork sandwiches for my family. I don’t eat pork so I planned to have left-over chicken as an open faced sandwich, but I was so tired, I skipped dinner. I can’t figure out why I’m soooo exhausted! Ha Ha Ha!


  1. Wow, that cake looks fabulous! Good job, Carly!

    Joe is so cute lying there in his basket. My boys wouls be right under my FEET, tripping me while hoping that something will fall directly into their jaws!!! hahaha!

    Yes, indeed you were industrious! I had a piece of pumpkin pie this morning and I really like the oil-based crust! It is so tender. The dough was so easy to roll out as well.

    I would think Erin’s “sweet tooth” must be enjoying all of this tasty fare!

  2. Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday, Jeff!
    (gads…I was going to write that FIRST!)

  3. Hi Carly,
    I live in Canandaigua.
    I found your blog through Katya’s blog. What interested me right away was seeing your post about the race at Jensen Stables. My husband is a runner and has run there in the past, but not this year. I thought…”wouldn’t it be funny to see my husband in the background of one of these pictures of runners?” Of course, I didn’t believe it would happen…but it did!!!
    He did all of the dirt cheap races and he is #210 in navy blue on your post dated September 18! Too funny!!!!! My son is also a runner and has done several of the dirt cheap races with his dad. So far…I haven’t found a picture of him (not that I expected to).
    Your friend Kyle looks familiar to me…but I can’t say I know him.

    • Priscilla,
      Katya is my mom. How funny that you found a picture of your husband in my photos. Did he run Jensens last year? I have pictures of every runner (I think) from last year. I’ll look through them and see if I can find him. It may be a while though, as the computer they are stored on is not running at the moment. Kyle is my son. He is home schooled and running is his big activity. Perhaps we’ll run into each other on the sidelines of a race!

  4. So just for fun I had to take a better look at your blog this morning. I wasn’t really reading last night…it was too late. I actually posted at around midnight. I think blogger forgot to change it’s clocks.
    I thought you were a kid because of something Katya wrote in one of her entries. Now I get it. We are always “kids” to our parents no matter how old we are. And I figured out your “friend” Kyle is your son.
    I’m not really stalking you…just very entertained to find someone blogging from Rochester and still tickled at finding my hubby’s picture on your blog!

  5. So….when are you coming over to my house and cooking like that? YUMMMMMMM

    When did you find time/energy for all of that?

    • In your new kitchen??? Say the word, I’ll be there! I have been out of work about 2 months, so I feel human again. It’s amazing how much energy one can find with real sleep! I am going back in a couple weeks though…

  6. When I talked to Jamie today…he actually told me that he has NOT run the Jensen race. I thought he had. He keeps planning on it, but every year there has been something else going on. Friends have though. He has done ALL the Dirt Cheap races this year. Some Freezeroos. He ran the Buffalo Marathon. He did the FingerLakes Triathlon this year and the Musselman Tri twice. He does that Black Diamond Duathlon too.

    He plans to do that Turkey Trot in Webster this year.

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