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Apple Picking

September 19, 2009

Erin and I decided to go pick apples today while Kyle and Sarah were at my in-laws. Erin kept bugging me to do something “fun” and a friend mentioned she was going apple picking, so I thought Erin might enjoy that. She was quite excited about it and when I asked if she wanted me to get Kyle and Sarah so they could go, she was adamant about wanting just the two of us to go. She is a girl who knows her mind!

The apple farm we chose is not terribly big, so we didn’t have to walk too far, or lug the 24 pounds of apples that we picked very far. We picked some Jonamacs, Ginger Gold, and Twenty Ounce. We plan to make a bunch of applsauce with the Jonamacs and the Twenty Ounce. The Ginger Gold we will just eat as they are.

While waiting for the wagon to take us to the orchard, we spotted this…

Good shady spot!

Good shady spot!

This is one of the wagons that carried people to and from the orchard.

Very bumpy ride!

Very bumpy ride!

As we headed down the first row of Jonamac apples, this caught my attention.


It is probably a good thing Kyle wasn’t with us. He would have run screaming from the place after his encounter on Wednesday!

A little later, Erin pointed out this huge apple on the ground. She insisted I take a picture of it, so I did. Then I decided that it was hard to tell, from the picture, how big is was. I asked her to find a “normal” sized apple from the ground to put with it. The apple on the left is an average size Jonamac. The mutant, on the right, is just plain enormous. At first I thought it was a squash of some sort.


Here are a few more pictures from our day…



I am not certain what kind of apples these are, but they weren’t ready yet. The trees were just bulging with these bright red apples!



When we finished our apple picking, we picked up a 1/2 gallon of cider and a bag of pears. We are going to add pears to some of our applesauce. I think it adds a little extra sweetness without adding (processed) sugar. We then went to a nearby Bill Grays and had some healthy yummy food before heading home.