Sarah’s 14th Birthday

September 7, 2009

I can’t believe my girl is 14! I vividly remember, as though it was recent, her birth. The circumstances surrounding her arrival were odd! I was supposed to start classes at Buff. State the day she was born, Jeff was still in Buffalo but I was staying with his parents so I could deliver in Rochester instead of Brockport, she was 3 days late and the doctor was set in induce when my water broke, and Ari came to visit me in the hospital and wound up staying and witnessing Sarah’s very quick arrival. Poor Ari!

To celebrate her birthday, Sarah asked us to surprise her. Jeff and I looked around for something different to do and finally came up with the New York Museum of Transportation. We had never been there, but talked about it looking like a neat place. At one point during our visit Jeff remarked that he couldn’t believe we had never been to this place that is practically in our back yard. It is about 10 minutes from our house, but is only open on Sundays. It really is an awesome place!

We rode an electric trolley to Midway station.


Then we got on one of two track-cars (the smaller vehicle in the picture above), and rode to Industry Depot. At the depot, there were many train engines and cars.Ā  Some of the cars were set up with pictures and information of RR stuff. After touring the Industry Depot, it was back onto the track-cars and up the track to meet the trolley, then back to the museum. I will post separately all the pictures of the museum and Industry Depot.

After our adventure at the museum, we went back to our house so Sarah could open her presents, then we went out for dinner at Tokyo. Sarah announced at the end of dinner that she had a really good time and very much enjoyed her birthday. Yay! Success!


This picture is so typical of my girls. Someone said something to Sarah making her laugh, while whatever was said made Erin roll her eyes, then close them and put her head in her hand and probably groan about it. If you know my kids well, I am sure you can imagine this. I am just impressed I managed to capture it in a photo!


  1. Sheesh! The way that’s worded makes it sound like I was in a different city when she was born. Ya failed to mention the uber-caffeinated, post-midnight, ludicrous-speed sprint I made from Buffalo to Rochester when you announced she would be coming soon… šŸ˜¦

    I, uh… ‘made fairly good time’ too… I think if all the JOLT colas had allowed me to blink more than twice, I might have missed the entire thruway portion of the trip. šŸ˜‰

  2. Yes dear, I was trying to block the pictures of you driving uh, “fast” on the thruway with your head out the window trying to see through the fog! I suppose I left out the fact that I nearly dislocated your shoulder while delivering her as well…

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to Sarah! What a fabulous way to spend the day! This looks like it would be a fun field trip! I love museums like this. A great idea for a SPECIAL day!!!!!

  4. Ah yes a day etched into my brain forever…Happy Birthday Sarah! (sorry be-lated).

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