Cool Train Stuff

September 7, 2009

In my last post I wrote about a visit to the New York Museum of Transportation. I decided it really needed it’s own post, so here goes!

I will, for the most part, let the pictures do the talking…


It was a gorgeous day!



Some of the cars inside the museum are set up to allow people to walk into them.


The following 3 pictures are from a 1914 car, Car 157,  with a very interesting story. I was very impressed with the beautiful mahogany trim!




The rest of the pictures were taken at Industry Depot. I just felt some of them needed to be in black and white!








These last two were taken inside the depot building. I was so impressed with the details on the seats. The entire building was finished in the same way that the corner I have shown was. I was just impressed with the attention to detail here! Definitely from another time!



This is the other track-car. I showed a picture of one in the previous post. You sit on the orange seats in the front and ride in the open air. It was quite exhilarating! I would not want to do this with small children. It is a little too open…with no seatbelts!



  1. Carly, a great set of photos and I think you were right…some were just suited to be shown in B&W. This looks like a really fun place to visit! Very cool!

  2. Love the site, Carly and thanks for the comments on mine.

  3. Carly, I’ve been through your site a bit more today – it just gets better and better. Looking at the Museum of Transportation, we still have a long way to go yet to get anywhere near that standard – but we’re trying!

    • John,
      I thought you might enjoy the Transportation Museum’s site. As I mentioned in my post, my husband and I were surprised to find such a neat place so close to our house. I like trains, but am not as fascinated by them as some people are. I did, however, find the museum to be a fascinating place!

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