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Fleet Feet Summerfest 2009

September 5, 2009

Kyle has been training, for the past couple of months, to run the Rochester MVP half-marathon next weekend. He participated in a distance training program run by the awesome folks at Fleet Feet Sports. Today, many of the participants in that program ran the FF Summerfest 12k. For these folks the race was not about winning, but about pacing; something they have been focusing on each Saturday morning during their long runs. Here is a picture of the distance training participants that ran the 12k today.


Kyle was definitely the youngest in the group, but that didn’t bother him. He still made some friends and really enjoyed running with these great people. I am always amazed at the encouragement and comraderie among the people in the running community here. It has really made me think that it is something I might enjoy trying…after I get better…

The FF Summerfest is quite the end of summer event! They had a 12k race, a 5k race, and 3 different kids races: 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, and 1 mile. Kyle ran the 12k and Erin ran the 1/4 mile. Kyle was shooting for a pace of 9:30/mile and ran almost exactly that. His time for the race was 1:10:23. When he finished he said that he felt as though he had just warmed up for a race. We decided that was a good thing since the 1/2 marathon is 5.5 miles longer than what he ran today. He feels well prepared, which is a relief to me. I told him he could only run it if he prepared for it and felt confident that he could run it without injuring himself. He has done a great job preparing with the help of Ellen and the other folks from Fleet Feet!

Here is Kyle nearing the finish. He doesn’t really look all that hot or tired!


Erin jumped into her race a little late, so she wasn’t in a good starting position, but she looks great as well. I think she might have run the 1/2 mile as well, except that she was starving. When she’s hungry, she is really hungry. While we were walking to the car she polished off a hot dog, 2 chocolate cookies, a pretzel stick, and most of a Pepsi. Here she is waiting for her race to start…


almost finished with her race…


and Erin and Kyle after they both finished. Kyle clocked Erin at 2:39. Not too bad after a not so great start.


While waiting for Kyle’s race to finish and Erin’s to start, I took a few pictures of Mendon Ponds park, where the races took place. It was a positively gorgeous, cool morning; perfect for running.




While standing in the shade of a tree, waiting for Erin’s race to start, this dog caught my attention. I thought it was a pretty dog and it seemed friendly. When the owner laid down on the ground to stretch, I got a good laugh. The dog nearly jumped on top of him to play, then gave his face a good washing. The second photo is after the dog settled in next to him and finally allowed the owner to stretch…sort of!



What a great way to spend the morning. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves and Kyle is quite confident about his big race next weekend!


Finished Garden

September 5, 2009

The kids finished their garden and here is the result: