September 1, 2009

A couple weeks ago it was an unbearably hot day and the kids were miserable because both air conditioners were on the fritz. They asked if they could sleep over at Jeff’s parents becuase they have central air. I figured it would be much more tolerable for them so I told them they could call and ask. My in-laws were happy to oblige, so the kids went there and Jeff and I decided to go out for dinner.

We recently discovered Aladdin’s Natural Eatery. When I first got sick, Jeff went there with the girls and got some take out. We all really liked the food and it is relatively inexpensive, so it is now one of our favorite spots to eat. The couple times that we had been there to eat in, we sat on the first level because stairs and I were not a good combination. I figured if I tried to walk up the stairs, they would probably call 911 and have me hauled away. I still get somewhat breathless with more than 1 flight of stairs, but it is a lot better than it was.

Anyway, we decided while it was just the two of us this time we would eat upstairs on the balcony. I am so glad we did. Here is the view from the balcony, with a bit of the balcony decor thrown in. We had a very nice time and will definitely do it again!


Aladdins west

I was too hungry to take pictures of the food…sorry!


  1. Wow, this looks like a fun place! There is something that makes food so much tastier consumed out of doors!!!!

  2. So glad you found Aladdin’s, (and that you re-introduced us to it, even though poor Jeff got soaked while walking there — sorry, Jeff). That balcony looks like a great place for date night. Isn’t it nice to have a place like that so close to home?

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