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A Trip South

August 26, 2009

The weekend before last, Michelle had a party to celebrate her graduation from high school. She was fortunate enough to have completed her entire compulsory schooling without setting foot in a school building for any of it. For any who have doubts as to the competence and sociability of home-schooled young people, they need only talk to my little sister and her (many) home-schooled friends to learn that she and they are very bright, very social, and extremely well-behaved (and polite) young adults!

Having felt miserable for a few weeks with the breathing thing, I was hesitant to go to her party, knowing that there would be many young people and that my nerves were raw from frustration with this bizarre reaction I’d had. Early that afternoon, I began having a lot of trouble breathing again. It was a remarkably humid day with temperatures in the 90’s. Having no air conditioning at home, I decided I’d be better off at my parents house which is in the woods, far from the heat retaining hard surfaces of the city. I also knew I could sneak into the air conditioned camper or office if I needed to. So off we went.

On the way there, we saw two people hang-gliding across from the Bristol Mountain ski resort. There is a jump off point near the top of the hill opposite the ski mountain. Why anyone would want to leave the safety of terra firma to fly with nothing more than (what looks like) a kite and a harness is beyond me!



We sat and watched them for several minutes. There must have been some great winds up high because they seemed to float back and forth without losing any altitude for the whole time we watched them.

Upon arriving at my parents, I sat in the camper for quite some time working on a Lego Carousel that my uncle had brought. My kids love building Lego sets, so we all sat inside the cool camper and built a good deal of it. As Michelle’s guests arrived, I was amazed at the number of people and the relative calmness of the whole thing. I ventured out of the camper and found the parents of 3 of Michelle’s friends and sat and talked with them for most of the party. They were delightful to talk to and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I also chatted with a friend of the family for whom Michelle works in the fall, making grape pies. Another delightful conversation.

By the time the party was over, I was quite pleased that I had decided to go. My kids were also quite happy!  I was not really feeling up to taking a lot of pictures since teens don’t seem to stay in one place long enough to snap a picture, unless of course they are eating, which does not make for attractive photos! Here is a picture of the graduate though.