My Very Silly Children

May 4, 2009

While I was grilling yesterday, my family was playing catch. Jeff won’t allow me to either take nor post (when I do sneak one) pictures of him, so I took a bunch of the kids. They were being very silly. Kyle and Erin played catch while Kyle was on the back of the garage…



Kyle finally came down from the garage and he and the tennis ball practiced making faces…


Then there are the many faces of Erin…



Yes! She is cradling the football like a baby…


Sarah threatened to throw a tennis ball at me when I started taking pictures and Jeff threatened to go inside if I took any of him. Sarah thought I was going to make him go in…I didn’t…


As Sarah and Erin were racing for a stray tennis ball, I happened to catch this picture. Look at Erin’s hair!


The kids had fun running around, Jeff had fun playing catch with them, but most of all, I had fun capturing it all.


  1. What fun! Looks as if you all had a very good time. Oh, and those kabobs looked very tasty!

  2. A great set of photos, Carly!

    Kyle is so funny! Love the one with him and the tennis ball! And, of course Erin…well, she seems to understand what to do when the camera is on her!!! Sarah is so funny….I cannot get over how much she looks just like you!

  3. Love the pictures!

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